Wander project Stinky Eggs…

Easter was always a big deal for my parents. I suspect over the years we probably should have moved away from Hard Boiled Eggs. I do love a good Egg Salad sandwich, but that wasn’t the real problem. I suspect the conversation shared today happened in the mid-2000s. It couldn’t have been a lot easier than that because the kids were much smaller and the hunt for Easter Eggs was in the house.

Easter was where we would hide eggs outside. In dad’s mini-apple orchard. The conversation happened a few months after Easter.

(this is an imaginary conversation, the outcome is factual, the conversation may or may not have ever happened)

“We shouldn’t ide hard boiled eggs anymore.” My mother is sitting on the back deck late in the summer.

“Nobody eats them you are right Mom.” My response.

“Not what I meant.” Mom said.

“sorry,  I thought you were talking about having to throw away the eggs because no one ate them.”

“No, I ran over one yesterday while mowing. The mower still smells like rotten egg,”

My mother has a wonderful sense of both timing and humor.

Easter is a progression Holiday. When the kids are little, it is MORE important for the adults to remember where they hid the eggs. We also had a Lab (Fran) so we had to hide them high enough that she couldn’t get them, but low enough that all three kids had a chance. As the kids get older, the complexity of hiding grows. Until apparently you get so good that someone has to mow an egg into oblivion!


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