Wander project of time and children…

Every parent has a story of the history of their child. There are no perfect parents. There are no perfect children. Both sides have memories, frustrations and moments that they cannot move past or through. As we watch children grow there are memories that we clock. By clocking I mean we assign that specific memory to a slot in time. They the memories can be bound to holidays like Easter, Christmas or other major holidays that you celebrate. You lock those into parts of your brain. We as parents treasure the happy moments we have with our children. Not all memories are happy. Not all memories stay with us. The time that is childhood drifts away. The things we hold tight though, those stay with us.

One of the things I recall from the past is the memory of Fran. She arrived at our family in the way puppies do. First, my daughter and I searched. She decided on a yellow Lab. I found a breeder that was 3 hours away. Fran rode in the back of our Van (with twins you need a vehicle that both provides room to have a large stroller, but also the other things you need to take with you).  The pictures today of Fran show her waiting. First of all her favorite Easter Candy was the one candy that the kids didn’t like. (Marshmallow Peeps). A Peep, or a marshmallow bunny or chick. With a hard candy coated exterior. Fran loves Peeps, and happily ate all of them. We made her eat them slowly (over two or three weeks). She would have eaten them in a day had we let her.

By the way, marshmallows in any form are fun in the Microwave. Peeps are fun in the Microwave.

That, Fran waiting, is a memory of Easter past. We don’t hide eggs anymore. Or candy to be found by racing children. There are no racing children in our house on Holidays now. The children have raced through their childhood and have come out the other side. They are going in their directions and taking their paths that both convergent and divergent, are their paths now. The days of Easter past remain, however, in folders with pictures. In the memories assigned to time. What was is powerful now.


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