wander project what dad saw

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. First, who is this they speak of? They are always them, are they ever us? IF they are us, then why not the US say beautify is in the eye of the beholder? Plus in the eye is such a funny thing. Does that mean that the person gets poked in the eye by an image? My father loved taking pictures. He was proud of every picture he took. He was, however, also a perfectionist. Most of the pictures he took over the 50years he took pictures were never shared with anyone other than my mother. From time to time he would share pictures with the rest of us. But my mother’s father, my grandfather was different.

My sister and I used to race to look at the old photo albums. We sat for hours watching the old home movies. Some of Grandpa’s video was taken as early at 1948. My mother always laughs about the old moving pictures. She said, “your grandfather used to make us go in and out of the backdoor of the house over and over.” First, my grandparents swapped what was traditionally the front and rear doors of the house my grandfather and great grandfather built. The front door was actually on the side of the house that faced the driveway. The driveway, however, was never really used for cars. Mostly that was so that people could easily back their boats down to the lake.

That side door was the front door. The back door was where traditionally you would see a front door. We also were never allowed to use the actual front door of the house. Grandma did not like having that door opened. It opened into the living room of the house. My grandmothers favorite part of the house, her chair was there, and her window. A giant bay window that looked out over Lake Ripley. Grandma was often there, watching Jeopardy. I remember watching Jeopardy with Grandam. By the time I was 15 most of the family wouldn’t play me in trivia games. But Grandma kicked my butt in Jeopardy. I remember the smile on her face when I finally was consistently faster than she was in the game.


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