Wander Project in, out, in again

Many years ago, the best man from my wedding and best friend for more than 30 years now got married. The pictures are of the twins preparing for that event. They attended the ceremony and reception. We had the reception at our house. You can in the pictures see some of the twins dancing moves! They stayed up that night well past their bedtimes (we were pretty set in the 8 pm bedtime).  I am not sure what caused the later pictures. I know I was told to take pictures of the twins dressed up. It seems strange now to think about things in Indiana. Indiana feels so distant to me now. I moved into Indiana twice in my life. Both times it was a huge change.

Living in Chicago, Illinois, for the early part of my childhood, I know that I missed the museums and activities of the big city. We, my parents and I, and later my middle sister, lived in the actual edges of Chicago (Skokie) after my middle sister was born we moved out to a near Western Suburb called Vernon Hills. I think Vernon hills was the subdivision name. We moved from our house; I have fragmented memories of that house to an apartment that was made from an old army barracks. WWII US Army Barracks had been disassembled and then reassembled in Bloomington Indiana. Most of the WWII Barracks were from Fort Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis.

That was a huge transition. Moving from Cincinnati to Greenwood was a huge relief. We, with me traveling, needed support for my wife with twins. Moving closer to family was the best quick way to create the support system we needed. My sisters were close. My parents were close. It was no longer a 3-hour drive for family events.  I do miss Cincinnati, but I also know it was a different time. The last time we left Indiana was the third time my wife and I moved. The first time we moved, we packed everything we owned into a moving truck and moved. We moved the first week of June 1991; We got married later that month of June. We were still not unpacked when we went back to Bloomington to get Married.


wander project Eagle Creek

The Pan America Games were held in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1987. The PanAm games as they are called focus on Olympic sports. They are an opportunity for the best and brightest athletes in the Americas (Central, South, and North) to compete. For the event, Indianapolis constructed a Natatorium (swimming) and several other venues. One of the venues was for rowing, canoeing, and other outdoor aquatic sports. That was Eagle Creek. Located, just north of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (where the Indianapolis 500 mile motor is traditionally run the Sunday before memorial day or for those reading this today, it was run yesterday). Eagle Creek is now a recreation park.

Although in honor of that Pan Am event, no motor boats are allowed on the water. You can canoe, skull, or other forms of self-propelled watercraft. I won tickets to several Pan Am game events, including the biggest, the Men’s Basketball Finals. The US lost to Brazil that year (1987) and would also lose the Olympic Gold medal in 1988. Tough times for US basketball. But I also won tickets to the swimming and the crew races. Many years later, we after moving back to Indiana often took the kids to the Eagle Creek Reservoir for an afternoon and picnic. Being outside with twins can sometimes reduce the impact of notice. Small spaces seem to bring out loud voices in twins.

Well at least in our twins.

We used to walk around the reservoir enjoy lunch and of course, stop by the playground. There was time, starting around 1994 and lasting until roughly 2004 that if we saw a playground we had to stop. First, it was stopping for our daughter. Then it was stopping for the twins. In the case of the Eagle Creek Park, they had several play areas.

Interesting, there is a restaurant on the side of the reservoir. In all our years in Indiana (11) we never went.


Wander project Chicago

Today pictures I’ve shared before, but they are promised to Thomas G! The lighthouse is for the commercial harbor of Chicago. The pleasure marina’s also leveraged the Lighthouse, but its predominant use is for helping larger ships stay clear of the pier, and the water treatment plant.

The water treatment plant sits between ¾ and a full mile offshore. In part so that it could raw for the deeper water of Lake Michigan. In part to be away from the Chicago River. Many years ago the Chicago River emptied into Lake Michigan. Over several years, they reversed the flow of the river. Why? It was the largest flow of pollution into Lake Michigan.It also gets died green during St. Patrick’s day. Now the river flows inland. I have often wondered why instead of cleaning the river and city, instead they spent millions of dollars changing nature. I guess sometimes you just have to wonder. The way and why of what humans do is something that you can sit on a bench and wonder about forever. The lighthouse sits just off the end of Navy Pier. Navy Pier is a former US Navy installation in Chicago. It was created to be the exact length of an aircraft carrier. So pilots could learn to take off and land on the smaller surface of the carrier. Now it is a wonderful place filled with activities and fun things for a family to do.The Children’s Museum of Chicago and the incredibly cool Ferris Wheel were on the pier when we used to go. One of the most famous Navy Pilots that used to land on Navy Pier during WWII was former US President George HW Bush. For many years the art college of Chicago was just off of Navy Pier. It has moved now, but there is a sculpture garden in front of the pier. We always loved going to see the sculptures. Finally, if you are on the per, and look to the south, you will see two of Chicago’s world-famous museums and attractions. One being the Field Museum and the other the Shedd Aquarium. If you have really good eyes, you can see beyond those two, to the commercial harbor that lies a few miles south.

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Wander the wander project itself…

Today is more focused on a poll than a true wander. Although I suspect I have a couple of sojourns to take today. It is heading into the time of year that can be hard. My father passed away five years ago in June. There were many that passed before him. All four of my grandparents died long before my father passed. I miss all of them for different reasons.  There are several questions I am covering today just to figure out what people would like to see. (link to the poll questions and the original here).

1. Do you want me to continue publishing the mix of pictures that I have been for the past five years?

2. Should I focus more on old pictures?

3. Should I focus more on new pictures?

4. Should I focus more on my Grandfather’s Pictures?

5. Should I focus more on my father’s pictures?

I’ve been using MyLot has sort of feeding ground for my tech posts. Sometimes when I have a concept or an idea that is buzzing around, I post it here first. But I hadn’t stopped and considered the go forward path for the family history project. Today is that day. I will resume the sharing of pictures tomorrow and will begin to incorporate the changes and recommendations over the next week or so.

PS one of the reasons why I share 12 pictures each time, is that I am sitting on 40,000 pictures and burning through those 4 or 5 at a tie would take longer than I have left to live!


wander project Brown County

Today I am sharing more pictures of Brown County State Park. These pictures from our actual hike! We often went to the park and walked. I mentioned that yesterday. When I was younger, we often camped in the park as well. One time, a good friend and I decided to take off after work and go camping. We went to the store and got corn on the cob and steaks. We started a fire in the fire area with charcoal and at 3 in the morning had steak and corn. It was so late and so dark that we ended up sleeping in the car sitting up. I don’t recommend camping like that. My neck hurt for a week. The camping area in the park is split into two distinct areas for camping.

There was a primitive area and the RV area. It used to make me wonder why camping in a tent was considered primitive. Yes, it isn’t as nice as camping in an RV. But I would think truly primitive camping would be going into the woods with nothing but a knife. No tent, no sleeping bag just you a knife and the woods. That, to me, would be primitive. Anyway, that is what the US National Park and State of Indiana Park service call tent camping. Depending on the park, there are many rules as well. For example, many state parks require you to use the wood you buy from the store in the park; you aren’t allowed to cut down a tree or to collect wood from the forest floor.

But in this case, we were there for the bird show and a short hike. Other times we would go for a wonderful picnic. Or, we would go to the forest service fire tower. The fire tower isn’t something you can go into, but you can climb the tower to just below where the ranger’s sit. The fire tower sits on top of the highest hill in the park, and you can see a long way. The other thing about State Park is the number of deer. Over the years we would see huge herds of deer. One of the problems with the expansion of humans in Indiana is the dearth now of predators for deer. Wolves and humans don’t see eye to eye on the process of space and hunting. So the wolves were killed, and now the deer have an overpopulation problem.


wander project water!

There are two parts to my wander project. The first part is the images. Sometimes they are pictures I’ve taken recently. Sometimes they are pictures my father had taken. Sometimes they are pictures my father’s father had taken. Sometimes the pictures were taken by my mother. Sometimes the pictures were taken by my wife. Sometimes, the pictures were taken by my children. The pictures are a journey, but the text is a memory. The difference between the two can be vast. Today I am wondering the very concept of the words and really nothing to do with the pictures. Am I a voice in the wilderness? I posted something yesterday, and some read the words some did not.

Are you a word reader or a skimmer? Do you dive into the depths of the meaning, or look at the pictures. I don’t care, honestly. The pictures are shared because they are captured moments. Something someone, from the long list above, felt was important. That is the value of a picture that at one point, someone thought it was important. It was, it is, and it always will be important, but the more people that see the image, the more it will be cherished.  The text sometimes isn’t cherished or remembered. That is ok as well, as I said read, don’t read I don’t care anymore.  The box I live in was built for me. By me, for me, with my guidance and help. This is a secret message for those who read. Thank you!

I am who I am. I am to quote a poem happy in my skin. I don’t fall prey to people calling me names. Well, I do on occasion, but it is something I am working on as a person. Words matter, pictures are nice, and I love sharing them, but the words matter as well. I know that those read words, read the posts. I know I do. I know that if I like a post, I share it on various Social Platforms. I also know that I bring other viewers to the things I read. It matters I don’t post comments that make people uncomfortable. I don’t say things that make people upset. I try to share words that matter to me. I post words that are important to me. I often fail because I am still learning. But I know that I am trying.

To those who read the words, I salute you!  I am honored that you took the time.


Wander project water and politics don’t mix

The reality of elections concerns me right now. First because globally, there is a lot of unrest. I worry about places where friends are struggling with the reality of “unfair” situations.  I remember living in Thailand many years ago, and during the time we were there, there was a coup the military overthrew the civilian government. You hear about that, a coup by the military from time to time. I remember as a kid, hearing that world, and not understanding what had happened. Thailand, for me, was my home for now, and I ended up having to look up what a coup was. The news had said it was a bloodless coup. I learned that there are many kinds of coups.

My exposure to politics has always been from the perspective of the free exchange of ideas. I grew up in a university house. Both my parents were open to discussion about the ideas and ideals of the moment. My mother worked for many years in the healthcare world. My father was a university professor. They always asked to understand both sides. To make sure that we didn’t lash out because we could, but to consider the person on the other side of the argument. It helped when we moved for me, to see that the world was different than what was presented where we had lived. I learned in my later business travels that the biggest differences in the world were more related to the government than anything.

I learned from my mother than you can always justify anger. But the reality is if you justify anger, the other person can as well. There are no right answers. If you are the one that escalates to anger, then you are responsible for what happens after that. The reason for this is the current global mood. Entire nations seem angry now. There is so much anger in the world. I suspect it is time to take a step back from the anger and send some positive energy into the world. I have a friend (well a few friends) that are very politically conservative. I have a friend (well a few) that are politically very liberal. Here is the most important thing, they are friends. I don’t care about the politics of now. I worry about the impact on friends.