wander project water!

There are two parts to my wander project. The first part is the images. Sometimes they are pictures I’ve taken recently. Sometimes they are pictures my father had taken. Sometimes they are pictures my father’s father had taken. Sometimes the pictures were taken by my mother. Sometimes the pictures were taken by my wife. Sometimes, the pictures were taken by my children. The pictures are a journey, but the text is a memory. The difference between the two can be vast. Today I am wondering the very concept of the words and really nothing to do with the pictures. Am I a voice in the wilderness? I posted something yesterday, and some read the words some did not.

Are you a word reader or a skimmer? Do you dive into the depths of the meaning, or look at the pictures. I don’t care, honestly. The pictures are shared because they are captured moments. Something someone, from the long list above, felt was important. That is the value of a picture that at one point, someone thought it was important. It was, it is, and it always will be important, but the more people that see the image, the more it will be cherished.  The text sometimes isn’t cherished or remembered. That is ok as well, as I said read, don’t read I don’t care anymore.  The box I live in was built for me. By me, for me, with my guidance and help. This is a secret message for those who read. Thank you!

I am who I am. I am to quote a poem happy in my skin. I don’t fall prey to people calling me names. Well, I do on occasion, but it is something I am working on as a person. Words matter, pictures are nice, and I love sharing them, but the words matter as well. I know that those read words, read the posts. I know I do. I know that if I like a post, I share it on various Social Platforms. I also know that I bring other viewers to the things I read. It matters I don’t post comments that make people uncomfortable. I don’t say things that make people upset. I try to share words that matter to me. I post words that are important to me. I often fail because I am still learning. But I know that I am trying.

To those who read the words, I salute you!  I am honored that you took the time.


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