wander project Brown County

Today I am sharing more pictures of Brown County State Park. These pictures from our actual hike! We often went to the park and walked. I mentioned that yesterday. When I was younger, we often camped in the park as well. One time, a good friend and I decided to take off after work and go camping. We went to the store and got corn on the cob and steaks. We started a fire in the fire area with charcoal and at 3 in the morning had steak and corn. It was so late and so dark that we ended up sleeping in the car sitting up. I don’t recommend camping like that. My neck hurt for a week. The camping area in the park is split into two distinct areas for camping.

There was a primitive area and the RV area. It used to make me wonder why camping in a tent was considered primitive. Yes, it isn’t as nice as camping in an RV. But I would think truly primitive camping would be going into the woods with nothing but a knife. No tent, no sleeping bag just you a knife and the woods. That, to me, would be primitive. Anyway, that is what the US National Park and State of Indiana Park service call tent camping. Depending on the park, there are many rules as well. For example, many state parks require you to use the wood you buy from the store in the park; you aren’t allowed to cut down a tree or to collect wood from the forest floor.

But in this case, we were there for the bird show and a short hike. Other times we would go for a wonderful picnic. Or, we would go to the forest service fire tower. The fire tower isn’t something you can go into, but you can climb the tower to just below where the ranger’s sit. The fire tower sits on top of the highest hill in the park, and you can see a long way. The other thing about State Park is the number of deer. Over the years we would see huge herds of deer. One of the problems with the expansion of humans in Indiana is the dearth now of predators for deer. Wolves and humans don’t see eye to eye on the process of space and hunting. So the wolves were killed, and now the deer have an overpopulation problem.


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