Wander the wander project itself…

Today is more focused on a poll than a true wander. Although I suspect I have a couple of sojourns to take today. It is heading into the time of year that can be hard. My father passed away five years ago in June. There were many that passed before him. All four of my grandparents died long before my father passed. I miss all of them for different reasons.  There are several questions I am covering today just to figure out what people would like to see. (link to the poll questions and the original here).

1. Do you want me to continue publishing the mix of pictures that I have been for the past five years?

2. Should I focus more on old pictures?

3. Should I focus more on new pictures?

4. Should I focus more on my Grandfather’s Pictures?

5. Should I focus more on my father’s pictures?

I’ve been using MyLot has sort of feeding ground for my tech posts. Sometimes when I have a concept or an idea that is buzzing around, I post it here first. But I hadn’t stopped and considered the go forward path for the family history project. Today is that day. I will resume the sharing of pictures tomorrow and will begin to incorporate the changes and recommendations over the next week or so.

PS one of the reasons why I share 12 pictures each time, is that I am sitting on 40,000 pictures and burning through those 4 or 5 at a tie would take longer than I have left to live!


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