Wander project Chicago

Today pictures I’ve shared before, but they are promised to Thomas G! The lighthouse is for the commercial harbor of Chicago. The pleasure marina’s also leveraged the Lighthouse, but its predominant use is for helping larger ships stay clear of the pier, and the water treatment plant.

The water treatment plant sits between ¾ and a full mile offshore. In part so that it could raw for the deeper water of Lake Michigan. In part to be away from the Chicago River. Many years ago the Chicago River emptied into Lake Michigan. Over several years, they reversed the flow of the river. Why? It was the largest flow of pollution into Lake Michigan.It also gets died green during St. Patrick’s day. Now the river flows inland. I have often wondered why instead of cleaning the river and city, instead they spent millions of dollars changing nature. I guess sometimes you just have to wonder. The way and why of what humans do is something that you can sit on a bench and wonder about forever. The lighthouse sits just off the end of Navy Pier. Navy Pier is a former US Navy installation in Chicago. It was created to be the exact length of an aircraft carrier. So pilots could learn to take off and land on the smaller surface of the carrier. Now it is a wonderful place filled with activities and fun things for a family to do.The Children’s Museum of Chicago and the incredibly cool Ferris Wheel were on the pier when we used to go. One of the most famous Navy Pilots that used to land on Navy Pier during WWII was former US President George HW Bush. For many years the art college of Chicago was just off of Navy Pier. It has moved now, but there is a sculpture garden in front of the pier. We always loved going to see the sculptures. Finally, if you are on the per, and look to the south, you will see two of Chicago’s world-famous museums and attractions. One being the Field Museum and the other the Shedd Aquarium. If you have really good eyes, you can see beyond those two, to the commercial harbor that lies a few miles south.

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