Wander Project in, out, in again

Many years ago, the best man from my wedding and best friend for more than 30 years now got married. The pictures are of the twins preparing for that event. They attended the ceremony and reception. We had the reception at our house. You can in the pictures see some of the twins dancing moves! They stayed up that night well past their bedtimes (we were pretty set in the 8 pm bedtime).  I am not sure what caused the later pictures. I know I was told to take pictures of the twins dressed up. It seems strange now to think about things in Indiana. Indiana feels so distant to me now. I moved into Indiana twice in my life. Both times it was a huge change.

Living in Chicago, Illinois, for the early part of my childhood, I know that I missed the museums and activities of the big city. We, my parents and I, and later my middle sister, lived in the actual edges of Chicago (Skokie) after my middle sister was born we moved out to a near Western Suburb called Vernon Hills. I think Vernon hills was the subdivision name. We moved from our house; I have fragmented memories of that house to an apartment that was made from an old army barracks. WWII US Army Barracks had been disassembled and then reassembled in Bloomington Indiana. Most of the WWII Barracks were from Fort Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis.

That was a huge transition. Moving from Cincinnati to Greenwood was a huge relief. We, with me traveling, needed support for my wife with twins. Moving closer to family was the best quick way to create the support system we needed. My sisters were close. My parents were close. It was no longer a 3-hour drive for family events.  I do miss Cincinnati, but I also know it was a different time. The last time we left Indiana was the third time my wife and I moved. The first time we moved, we packed everything we owned into a moving truck and moved. We moved the first week of June 1991; We got married later that month of June. We were still not unpacked when we went back to Bloomington to get Married.


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