wander project separation…

There is separation as you pull away from shore. Not, as it was hundreds of years ago, when someone left for the sea, (mostly a male in the deep sexist past of our world) their spouse standing on the widows walk. The windows walk was added to a captains house, on the roof, overlooking the harbor so that the wife could stand and watch for her husband’s ship. Before the days of sailing ships, you would never know if you would see your family again. The days of sailing ships reduced the time to traverse the oceans, but it was still measured in months. Now it is measured in days, but the separation is still there when you pull away for the first, 100th of 1000th time from the dock.

Each separation is a separation — a changing of aspect and orientation. The move is from solid ground to liquid. The same is true as you step onto an airplane. At first, door open sitting in your seat, you wait. Then the cabin door shuts, and the world changes as you lift off the ground to become one with the very air. That is the separation.  The moment when everything changes and you are suddenly no longer connected the way you were before. That change of connection is something each of us either relishes or fears. The first time you fly is always different than the second time. You release the fear, or the fear becomes worse the second time.

But things change, as each passing separation removes something. Either the greater feeling of security you start with, eroding as you separate time and time again. Or a greater sense of freedom. I am free of the bounds that have limited me.  Imagine for a moment that we contemplate the essence of both that wonder and fear. Why does water invoke fear and love? Some fear the actual water. The essence of the water covering them. Others dive in to splash and celebrate the magic of the water. It, the water, is little more than two hydrogens and One Oxygen molecule that hitched a ride together. Water is a chemical. It can be destroyed with heat. It becomes solid when cold enough. But it is just a chemical reaction result.

Sometimes understanding fear is the hardest thing humans do…


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