Wander project what my grandfather saw…

The first and last pictures are interesting. The first picture is an awkward pose by my grandfather. I don’t know if my father, mother, or yet another person took the picture. My grandfather doesn’t look comfortable. The last picture in this series is my middle sister and my grandmother sitting on rocks. It’s funny when I look back at my childhood I do have recollections of visiting my grandparents (father’s parents) but more of Racine. Even more after the passing of my grandfather. The house my grandparents had in Wisconsin Dells is a distant memory. I was there, many times, there are lots of pictures of me near or in that house. I remember the front porch.

I remember my grandfather’s basement and the chocolate covered cherries he had in his work shed. We, my father, the young many living with us and I, built a barn on the farm that was named for my Grandfather. We painted his nickname on that barb we built. The Barn was later converted into a dog house and storage area. For a while, it was the tractor barn. There wasn’t anything on the farm, but a tractor, a barn and a gate for a couple of years. Mom and dad bought the land for the farm when I was a sophomore in Highschool. They didn’t move to the farm until after I was out of high school.  But the initial farm was only the barn we built. It was never a great barn.

The Apple Orchard came next. We planted the orchard on the front side of the property. The house was going to be in the middle of the original plot. The driveway was gravel. The second building built on the farm (as I remember things) was the initial garage. It, the garage was interesting. I don’t think e ever actually had room o put a car in the garage on the farm. We may have, but I don’t remember doing so. The garage was full of all sorts of things. Dad always had a gasoline tank installed on the side of the barn. That way you didn’t have to run to the store every time you had to fill the mower or tractor with gas. But those things were later. First, it was the Barn named for my Grandfather!


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