wander project the dogs!

The dogs that live with us. We were relaxing at the end of the day yesterday when my wife asked the question “why, with a couch in the room, do the dogs prefer their beds.” Sometimes we forget that dogs, like people, like to have space that is there. Space that belongs to them. The dogs like their dog’s beds, because they are dog beds, they belong to the dogs. Now when our Grand dogs (Tamsyn and Serenity) come to visit, then we have issues. Two Dog beds, four dogs, the math doesn’t work. For the most part, though we only have two dogs, so the number of beds works. The beds used to be positioned differently, but the dogs moved them to be right in front of the fireplace.


In the winter, they curl up when there is a fire. Raven, like her momma, would have a fire every day one the weather gets Cold! Raven is a fire dog, and she loves the fire. Dylan loves the fire as well, but he is happy to be on the couch, as well.  One of the funny things about dogs and fires, when the dogs get too hot from sleeping by the fire, they move to the couch. They don’t get too hot in the summer, the ceramic floor traps heat in the winter from the fire, and cool in the summer from the AC. The floor was added by us, and the room had carpet when we moved into the house. My wife doesn’t like carpeting, we’ve removed carpet from the entire house.

(well there is carpet in two places, the master closet, and my office)!

In the basement, the dogs sleep on the couch when I am working at home. They do like to be on the couch, and both dogs prefer to sleep in beds during the night. Raven has taken over the guest room as her bedroom. My wife and Raven have an ongoing argument about the guest bed. The two dogs like to sleep directly on the mattress. My wife doesn’t want them on the mattress and covers it with a quilt. The dogs move the quilt so that they can sleep on the mattress.


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