wander project Maine

It has taken me ten days of blogs to cover 3 days of Maine. In part, because there were many activities, and each one got their three top billing, their own space, and blog. But also because of the stories we tell, the memories we share are what make the connection between us and the world we live in. The connection is, after all the goal of the wander project, although sadly not always the impact!


The last day in Maine was the Saturday. Our last official activity was walking around downtown Portland. We also found a metal shop and picked up two metal labs for the house. We were looking for a wireframe Moose but the only ones we; in were either very expensive or very big. I couldn’t see moving our couch just to have a moose in the living room. Neither could my wife. So the wireframe moose’s stayed in Maine.

The first is the reality of Alamo. Not the Alamo in Texas, rather the rental car company. I have not often used Alamo, in the past when I traveled, and I always used Avis.

We had an activated GPS in our car.

We had SiriusXM radio in the car.

Overall we were really happy with both of those, although it did take some time for us to learn how to use the Nissan GPS. When we were first dating my wife owned a Datsun (now Nissan) but it did not then have a GPS. So it took us a day to learn how to use the GPS. Only to realize that we could have used Apple Car Play the whole time (which we did ½ of day two and all of day 3).

It was an amazing three days in ME that I managed to cover in 11 days of blogs! I guess when it comes to blogs, time isn’t relative.


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