Wander project Bat 2

Yesterday when we left our intrepid hero (me) I was using a leaf blower to help a bat fly out of our house in Indiana, through the front door and out into the night. Our hero retur4ned to the living room with two other humans cowering under a blanket. “Bats are gross.” I was told. I asked, of note and interest was it ok to force me to take care of the bat? They both, wife and daughter, swore up and down that they would never do that again. The next time, they said (they both later told me that they assumed no bat would ever return to our airspace) we won’t hide. Next time we will help you.  I did some hotel room research (when traveling, working 15 hours a day is a benefit)!


I found that the bats of Indiana were experiencing a blight that was causing them to do things differently. I told my wife when I got home from the week away. Well four days away, I got home Thursday night late.  Sitting in the living room of our house in Indiana after the long week my eyes, as darkness fell, were drawn again to motion in the air me. Yes, it was the 2nd bat. I was flying high in the open space above our TV. I didn’t say anything for a second. I wanted to see what the reaction of the two would be. I knew their post debacle bravado was just that. Post, without bat bravado. That once the reality appeared in front of them again there would be charming.

I was wrong. There wasn’t screaming. My daughter ran quietly up the stairs and slammed the twin’s door. They (her and the twins) crammed towels under the door. My wife, cowered under the blanket again, waving at me frantically from under the blanket. I didn’t understand the very complex signals my wife was sending me, so sitting quietly on the couch I said:

“I am sorry but what does that gesture mean?” I repeated my wife’s gesture for her without the blanket.

“It means get that bat out of my house.”

“What about the two of you helping?” I asked.

“I am helping,” my wife replied, “I am telling you to do it.”

That last line made me laugh. We had bats two more times. I got three out of the house and had my brother in laws help the last time. After the last time I did finally find the fireplace vent that was open and sealed it. We never had a bat in the house again. But I am sure, now, my wife and daughter would hop right up to take care of it!


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