wander project Hodge-podge

One of the things I do in the wander project is share pictures. The pictures today tell a very odd story, and I thought, why not, let’s share strange! The first picture today is a vivid green 3d print of a Labrador Retriever. I made three of these, two green and one black. The two green, one is displayed in my wife’s office. The other is displayed in the basement. The black lab is also in my wife’s office, and his a print of her dog, Raven! My wife does not like green plastic at all! I took the green plastic, and three years ago, at Thanksgiving, I printed 20 green napkin holders for the Family and friends Thanksgiving gathering we hosted that year (my daughter invited several friends to the event). My wife gave the green napkin holders to our guests to keep.


As I said, she hates that green.

The next picture is one take by my daughter underwater when we first got the Olympus TG camera.

The next two pictures are of my father and me, and my father and my sister. I have two sisters, and this is of my middle sister. There are so many great scans of pictures of my mom, my sister or me but few with my father in them, My grandfather took a lot of pictures of my father, his son and the grandchildren. Funny how who holds the camera makes a difference. I love old pictures and share them as part of my online experience!

The last picture came from the wedding. My daughter and son-in-law wanted the dogs involved in the ceremony. The tutus were my daughter’s idea for the dogs to wear. Raven, Serenity, Tamsyn were all involved in the wedding. Our old neighbors (still my daughter’s friends and our friends) dog Corbin was the flower girl for the event. My dog, whose nickname is Bear, got to be the Ring Bear for the ceremony.  I remember the ceremony, and overall the dogs were really good. We had dog sitters to pick them up when the ceremony was over. So today, we wander from 3d printed Labs to Labs in a barn celebrating a wedding! Although the picture is actually outside the barn and there are no labs in the picture!


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