wander project memories of dad…

I want to spend time today on the last picture shared. The pictures are all from Thailand. The first one is of a father/daughter, uncle-niece, or just a child and a man on the steps of a Wot waiting. Wot, in Thailand, is a temple. The other two pictures are not specific to anything; just pictures my father took around 45 years ago. There is no special intent or magic in the picture. Just that he took them, Dad was a good photographer, honestly in time, when there were either bad or really good photographers. Now, in the modern digital world, we have introduced the concept of OK photographers. If you, in the days of the film, had 200 pictures to one good picture ratio, that was very expensive.

carousel 114

The last picture is of my dad sitting on a wall with the Gulf of Siam as a background. I would love to be able to tell the story of the picture. But I don’t have one. Instead, what I have today is the story of my dad and pictures. Dad took pictures in the days of film. You choose between a print or a slide, and dad started taking pictures as slides, while he sometimes had his pictures printed, (there was around 11,000 total) most of the pictures were slides (around 35,000). Now I know for a fact that my dad threw some of the slides he didn’t like away. He also threw some of the pictures he didn’t like away as well. My mother flew across the country with a suitcase full of pictures!

Dad used to do slide shows for friends and family. We used to make fun of dad for doing that. Now many years later, I wish I had recorded those talks he gave, as he showed the slides. I miss the jokes, the stories, and memories, some of which I have. Some of which my mother has, but not all of them in one place, recorded for later consumption. A good friend of mine always says the following, and I find it to be partially true. “The measure of a parent isn’t the success of their children. Their children’s success belongs to them. No, the success of a parent is when the child still talks to the parent many years after they have left home.” I agree and disagree with the statement, but it remains interesting to consider.


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