wander project Thailand

Wandering one more time, that short fly-by visit with my folks when they were in Bangkok. I was only there for four days, and it was packed with lots of fun activities. Unlike the last time I visited mom and dad in Bangkok, I was already time zone adjusted. I had been in Malaysia for three weeks before arriving in Bangkok, though south of Thailand, Malaysia is in the same time zone.  That meant I was able to stay up later. On the first trip, between watching the Twins and making sure they were ok, I was exhausted. This time, it was the first time in many years that I took a vacation for just me. I haven’t done that very often over the years. That it was one of those very rare personal vacations made it more memorable.


I love Thai food; we ended up visiting my folk’s favorite restaurants near IPST. IPST is off one of the Soi’s near downtown Bangkok. When we lived in Thailand, our apartment was on Soi 12. I think IPST is on Soi, 1, or 2. Maybe it is on Soi 3. I don’t remember now, and I am sure my mother does. But that information has slipped away from me. The first night we wandered to a wonderful fish restaurant, and it was beyond amazing. I didn’t like the taste of non-lake fresh fish when growing up in Indiana. I did love the taste of fish at my grandparents (but it was fresh- lake fish). In Indiana, a landlocked US state, there isn’t as much fresh fish, so I fell out of liking fish.

When back in the early days of living in Thailand, I tried to fish, I realized I liked to fish. That opened a door that closed when we returned to Indiana. Many years later, when I was traveling (often to Seattle Washington), I started eating fish again. I don’t like fish that has sat for 72 hours and has that slimy fish taste. I do love sushi. As a parent, I made two horrible mistakes in life. The first was I convinced my daughter to try the steak. I was lucky to be able to finish the steak I had bought; she decided she loved it. The other thing that was a bad mistake is I made the kids try Sushi. It is, sadly, now a go-to part of everyone’s diet.  In the early days, I could enjoy Sushi without worrying. Now I have to put a fence around my Sushi!!!!


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