wander project wandering DC

My heart first beat in Chicago. A piece of me has never left the city with Big Shoulders. From Navy Pier to Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry, a bit of me is there. But I do also want to mention that where I live now is also a delightful city full of museums. There are so many that I can only list anew of them, but I highly recommend all of them.

  1. The National zoo
  2. Smithsonian Natural History
  3. The Washington Monument
  4. The Vietnam Monument
  5. The WWII monument
  6. The MLK monument
  7. The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum


I will stop there; the list is exceptionally long. I remember when we agonized over should we move to DC. My wife and I talked for hours. We finally decided that the opportunity was too good for the kids and us, so we moved. We swore that first summer that we would go to the museums every month during the summer. We did for one summer. After that, we fell into the reality of residents. Residents don’t go sightseeing as much. We worry about traffic and parking (don’t get there you will never find a parking space!) Residents worry about parking, tourists worry about lines to museums. The second one is a right now problem, the first delays you are going!

Anyway, there are many museums in the city of Washington, DC. There are many as well in the nearby town of Baltimore, Maryland, and Annapolis, Maryland. Plus, there are many historical sites where important things happened over the last 240 or so years. Thanks for wandering with me today! The pictures are all of Holland from my first trip there!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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