Wander project Mt. Airy Ohio…



Our house on WillowCove in Cincinnati Ohio. We owned the house for 2.5 years and we designed and built it. Well we designed it ourselves making choices. It was what they call a semi-custom home. You can control certain things about the house. We designed a bunch of features for a young family that was cramped into a much smaller house at the time. Each kid (except the boys they were in one room) had a bedroom. We also officially had a guest room for the first time. Funny thing is the guest room was only used once (Barb’s Parents) before we ended up moving to Indianapolis. The house didn’t sell for nearly a year, so we continued to own it long after we had moved out!



We built our house in Mt. Airy, and we were in the second group of houses built. The first group were at the far end of the street and had been built the year before. The second group was build and completed in March-April 1998. We moved in (and then started building a pool right away). We picked a lot with a huge hill in the back. It was a bad decision that I regret, but we had never built a house before. I suspect the last house we own, will be the next house we build. For now, we were happy however with the house we had. It is funny how a house shows you things about yourself. This one was perfect for us, it added a little commute for me, but Barb was in a house that was set-up easier to manage twins. The boys had a swing set and a pool. Jakki was in a great school for her first grade experience. Becca was in the school for creative and preforming arts, so everyone got to be where they wanted to be.




Once we were settled in to the house and finished fixing it the way we wanted, we moved! I think that is our tradition. A little about where our house was. We were near the former state hospital that was closed by the time we moved in. At the other end of the road that went by our house was a really cool bar. It was called the 20 mile hosue and was an historic building. Why? It was the 20 mile stopping point for the carriages that used to go between Cincinnati and Indianapolis many years ago. They would runt he team of horses 20 miles and then get a new team. It had over the years been converted from many different things. It was kind of a cool historical market. Mt. Airy was also famous for the land donated by a former resident, land that was now a botanical garden in the middle of an urban area!


Family Historian

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. PS babies in the end always tell you what they need…

unsorted017Art is what the artist sees. In this case a unique blend. Sometimes photography is about being in the right place at the right time. But it is always about being prepared, carrying your camera and being committed to finding that one special picture. In the end I suspect that is why the entire concept of the camera phone has taken off. They are always with us, camera phones. (Photograph by Joan Ralstin).

Iif you look on the ITunes store or the Google Play store (and yes I look at both) there are so many camera applications it is amazing. You can add effects, filters or make your high speed cell phone camera even more high speed. You can even replicate the image produced by a Kodak Instamatic 110 camera. I had one I am not sure why you would ever seek to replicate that camera.  The only reason I remember the camera and the only reason I even mention it is I took my only pictures of Afghanistan on that camera in 1972.


Here is, from the steep back yard a picture of the house at 5776 WillowCove Cincinnati Ohio. Later in the spring of this picture we added a pool to the right of the basketball goal and because of a drainage problem we added a retaining wall next to the play yard.

Most of our backyard was hill. But we loved our neighbors and we loved the house. Again it was the first and probably only house that Barb and I speced and ultimately built for us.

Mowing that hill was a bear. You ended up near the top walking almost perpendicular to the mower. I was always afraid it would get away from me and roll down the hill and then explode because of the gas. It never did but I was always afraid I was one misstep away from that. Or worse, I go tumbling down the hill.


Luke and Grandpa Les. Nick was always funny as a baby. He was very picky about who could pick him up from a very early age. He loved Grandpa Les (Nick). Luke on the other hand was cool with anyone picking him up. He always had a smile on his face.

One afternoon while we wee still in Cincinnati we invited our family friends the Hawk’s over for a swimming party. Bob Hawk and family are dear friends. Bob went to pick up Nick and Barb said to him, he may cry he doesn’t like people picking him up. Bob picked Nick up and had him asleep in less than two minutes. Bob was thereafter always allowed to pick up Nick.

Babies tell you what they need. They either burp, laugh or cry.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow