Trying to keep my home network simple –

I struggled to build a combined wired and wireless network when we lived in our house in Indiana. I could never get the right balance of wired ports to wireless adapters and as the kids got more into computers they overloaded the wi-fi network really quickly. When we first moved to Maryland the house we leased the first two years was in a nice neighborhood but it had not been updated. Even though they added roughly three bedrooms and a huge common room to the house they didn’t wire the house for anything.

Our new house has a better balance and most of that is because of the Apple Airports. I would have never deployed an apple product in my house five years ago, but now I am not sure I could remove them. Our new house has a great balance of wired and wireless now. I can move the kids to wired connections reducing the Friday Night and Saturday morning overloading of my network.

The reason for this interesting networking post today has to do with a couple of different things. The first I won’t go into very deeply. I have discussed the topic of the the total available bandwidth and the internet of things overwhelming that. What interests me this morning is the concepts of home automation systems and the home of say five years from now.

Project one for home automation (for us) was integration of security and the home automation system. Adding video and other security solutions so that your house is safe not just when you are there but also when you are gone. The peace of mind factor. There is a requirement for video surveillance systems however they need bandwidth so adding that means balancing the overall wi-fi network and moving other things to wired connections. By the by if your Internet provider doesn’t give you equal upload and download speeds there is an issue you won’t overcome in your home automation project. Routers by nature have fairly small caches. If you have sensors that are generating x amount of data where x is greater than he size of the cache (and if there is a lot of movement around your house that is why you want video surveillance) then x is greater than y, you have a network problem. Your router normally has a balance of cache (inbound and outbound data) if you overwhelm the router with outbound it slows your network down a lot.

I am speaking from sad experience. We were luckily enough to land in a Verizon FIOS neighborhood. We embarked on this project in March 2014 and in the middle of the project I noticed the network went South. Just to access and use things remotely the network was struggling. Then on June 1 2014 Verizon raised our FIOS uploads to the same as our downloads. I can’t say enough what a difference that has made. We don’t have periods of router overload. That means uploads aren’t cached and you can cache a larger portion of downloads.

That in the end is the second problem I spoke of, if your network tips over nothing works in the end. Connection is great, it in the end will be a game changer for the world around us. The more Internet of things devices (sensors) we get deployed the smaller our networks get. The smaller our networks get at home the less room for error we have.

It is in the end a balancing act. I am in the end just trying to keep my home network simple.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Rambling Thursday…
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All three of the kids have gotten new computers this year. Neither Barb or I have. Barb is using my old Macintosh (in both Macintosh and Windows modes) and I am using the PC I got two years ago. Of course it isn’t state of the art, but its all I need. You know your kids are geeks when they are willing to trade their birthday and Christmas presents for that new computer.

The bean got home from Indiana. Eventually she is going to leave, and well not come back except the occasional visit. I find myself dreading that day and anticipating that day.

Another round of purging is coming to eBay early next week (Doc_Andersen is my eBay account) if you are interested we have a number of interesting items that will be posted. More to come on that.

I have 4 requests for Fred and Ed stories that are in the hopper. I am working on one but its probably not going to be until next month. I have a couple of other podcasts planned for October. Between blogs and podcasts I have more than 100,000 views. Scary thought in the end.

Finally let me end with another plug for my new favorite Kickstarter project this is a great laser tag game. Uses your smart phone and allows you to have multiple laser stations. The cool thing is it also connects to the Ouya, and will hopefully connect to the new Playstation4 and XboxOne systems. It’s a great gift for the kids on your list.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

There was a time…
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I need to get my podcasts done. I missed May and June due to moving. So now its July and I need to update my podcast. I think I am going to take a couple of my serial stories (with reverence for Charles Dickens who wrote entire books serially) and read it for one of my podcasts. The whole serial story thing is really hard. I find I have to take a break one or two days every series just to keep the story straight in my head.

My new home office is now officially 50% finished. This weekend I am installing a laptop shelf and then I will be done with the office. The next project is the home theater.

I’ve been playing with the new OneNote from MS – very impressive. I have to say though, Evernote remains the product to beat. For a product that is cross platform it offers so much functionality in the end it is well, the best.

Yesterday was interesting – I suspect 1/2 the drivers that are normally commuting the same time I do, weren’t commuting yesterday. I am hoping for the same this am. Frankly, the fewer drivers on the road in DC the better. Seriously. I am not kidding.

So I saw the new MS commercials comparing a laptop with an iPad. It honestly made me sad. There are times when companies have to evaluate where they are, not continue where they were. Those commercials show that in fact Microsoft doesn’t get the revolution that is occurring around them. It is no longer a world where the Cadillac is required. In fact bite sized applications make us more productive over time. They don’t talk about the way’s the iPad kills the laptop (boot time, integrated GPS, integrated cellular connection, light weight, long battery life) instead focusing on stuff that I am not sure is relevant any longer.

I am a windows user (although still not windows 8). I am also an Apple user. What Apple gets (and got) that Microsoft still doesn’t get is that it matters. Whatever it is to people it matters. Running two applications at once, do you know how often I do that Microsoft? I use my iPad to review proposals (via pdf) and other documents. It is just easier to use it for that. I don’t need a keyboard and I can focus on what I need to get done.

I hated the commercials they had a few years ago from Apple with the PC guy and the Macintosh Guy. They weren’t fair because they only compared one small set of functionality and one small set of issues. Sad to see Microsoft heading down that path now.

There was a time…but it is now passed.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

All that was left was the quiet of his passing…
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“Houston, Tranquility base the Eagle has landed.”

Some six hours later he, Neil Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the Lunar Module (L.M.) Eagle and said to the world “One small step for “a” man, one giant leap for mankind!” the “a” is something he always asked historians to add, regardless of the what and how (lost transmission, forgotten whatever it doesn’t matter) the audio recording doesn’t have the “a” in it.

The year before July 1969 one of my friends did a report on NASA in school. Up until then I followed NASA as most Indiana kids did because of Purdue (many astronauts went to Purdue) and because of Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom who came from a small town in Indiana just South of where I was living at that time. From the moment of that report everyone boy in my class was obsessed with everything NASA. (at times even passing our Indiana addiction to the Indianapolis 500 mile race). We drew spaceships and talked about the possibilities of space and beyond.

For 12 minutes on July 20, 1969 I, my father and half of our country held our breath as the Eagle left the command module and landed on the surface of the moon. That event is one I will never forget, sitting in our basement in the Sherwood Oaks subdivision of Bloomington Indiana on the  on the edge of the couch watching that flickering video as the craft landed. Then again staring intently as the hatch opened and Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the moon. 286000 miles away from me, yet right in my family room.

There are movements that shape and define the world. Truly that was one of the positive moments showing what humans could do if we focused more on achievement than on conquest.

I never met Neil Armstrong. We lived in the same city (Cincinnati Ohio) and I have been to the museum dedicated to him in Wapakoneta Ohio. I saw him speak one time at one of the few events he did, But no matter what he changed my life. I became dedicated to technology and the improvement of the world though bettering what we can do.

Neil Armstrong passed onto the next phase of existence yesterday, August 25th 2012. I hope he has the same successful touchdown in heaven that he had in my heart and on the moon.

“Quietly the hero left the room. All that was left was the silence of his passing.” Sandler Boggs (published 1983)



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The home of tomorrow.



Its all about connectivity.

From netflix to I”x” devices the future of our homes will be connected. As someone who has advocated this for more than 20 years I am excited. Disconnection doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it doesn’t have to be a thing, either. Studies show that the more active your brain is, the less likely you are to get Alzheimer’s. The more connected you are, the more active your brain is, you think about your connections.

Two things about the connected future that really excite me. The world of the media device is expanding. It is still short of my dream device (one that has a blu-ray player, HD TV, media services and a large enough HD to store enough for a 22 hour plane ride). We are close as there are a number of devices that do almost all of what I think is the perfect device. But still not one device (other than a laptop with a blu-ray player) that can do all of this with one device. That convergence will be the future I feel.

That way when you shut down you can truly shut down.



Seven days journey in an open boat in search of the sun…

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My hero.

I have had a number of hero’s over the years. Some of them were people I worked with (or worked for.). Those people have helped me grow and shape both my personal beliefs as well as my personal skills. I can’t imagine where I would be without the influence of the people that have helped me over the years. Thank you to each and everyone one of them.

Of course there are people who have blocked or bothered me, but I left most of them behind in my old job.

So to those who gently bumped me (pushed me at times) the right direction thank you. To those who played games and blocked me from progressing, I feel sorry for you.

Time to get rolling.


The silent footsteps roar

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Each foot

assigned a mission

and in moving forward

the steps falling behind

and lying in front

like a child ready for their first

taste of freedom

their first adult moment

savoring the steps

you hear them

the footsteps

some that get away

don’t fall in the echo line of the other steps

racing off in

directions that the other steps do not


sometimes will not


cannot follow

the one lost footstep taking


some small piece of what could have been

lesser now

a house divided

a house

that will not fall

but leaning

waiting for

the lost footsteps to return

will they?

The fog slowly covers

the path before

and the path after

and the footsteps separate further

time adding a stamp

to a long trail…


From the desk of Sandler Boggs