To be or not to be positive, that is the question!

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I have been thinking about the concept of influence. It is an interesting concept and one that puzzles me most of the time. They (and of course we all know who the they in they is)tell us growing up to be honest and face the reality of what needs to be said. But you don’t influence people with negative messages.

To a degree negative presentations work. They tend towards honest but they also tend towards brutal. How do you balance the negative information with the reality of influencing people?

For a long time I always presented information to other people in the manner we were trained to do as teachers, part positive (you are doing this well) with the part negative (but you need to do this better). It is funny to me that the “Kindergarten” rules are so quickly forgotten in the business world.

Why can we not talk about being positive first and then negative? Saying the nice thing first? I was once advised by a manager that I was to positive about people and needed to present more negative views. I did that for a number of years but have come to realize that in fact it isn’t the way I was raised nor is that the way I want to be.

There is some value in the positive influence. I just have to find a way to do that after all the years of negative!



3-d glasses and a future not as bright as one would expect

I left the theatre yesterday (yes the more formal English version of the theater) still wearing my 3-D glasses. To say I was shocked with what happened next is probably an understatement.

Like the character in the star trek episode (“For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky) I walked out of the theatre only to discover that the world I had left in the movie – that had been in glowing and expanding three dimensions, was in fact not the world I lived in.

For I was wearing 3-d glasses “and the world is in 2-D).

Imagine my shock and dismay upon discovering that the world I lived in only had two dimensions. I felt a bit like Edward Abbott or some other “flatlands” escapee. The world was not three dimensions.

Plus once realizing the world was 2-D and my eyes had now been opened to 3-D, I tripped three times on the way to my car.


Five songs that changed my life

I’d like to teach the world to sing:

I was twelve – what can I say. (the actual song not the Coca Cola commercial version).

Heart of Gold

Again, 12, but this song has stayed with me my entire life. Actually this was the launching of my Neil Young fan club. I’ve got just about everything Neil has written/published/sung over the years. I fluctuate my favorite between this song and the next song on the list. I played this song for my wife when I realized she was “the one.”

Old Man

12, Neil Young, this one touches me. I sing this one in the car when I hear it.

Sound of Silence

This was one the first really hard song our choir sang and I love it to this day. It is one of the most haunting songs I know.

Number five is a compilation song – anything else by Neil Young, a couple of songs by James Taylor that stick in my mind but you could also put a number of songs by Simon and Garfunkel in there. I also love anything by Bruce Hornsby and the Range, the Blues Travelers and of course classical stuff fits nicely here as well.

My fifth favorite song is more of a mood song than anything else.

thanks for listening!


Did you see that…

I watched my favorite professional basketball team last night (the Celtics). Its fun to watch professional basketball and watch human beings with amazing skills. I wish I could jump that high.

This is the time of year that I love. Professional Football, College Basketball, College Football and Professional Basketball are all in “season” and it makes for a wonderful viewing experience.

I should probably buy one of those tv packages that let’s you watch everything. But it was so much fun to relax over the weekend and watch sports.


To Mr.. Jackson


An icon of my childhood, adult years and parenting years is gone. I watched the Jackson 5 cartoon on Sunday’s as a child.

I listened (and tried to dance along with) to Thriller.

It makes me sad that a piece of my childhood is gone forever. We grow up with visions of what the world will look and sound like. Michael Jackson was part of the soundtrack of the world I lived in. His voice, songs and impact will never be forgotten.

Michael I didn’t know you, but I loved your music. I hope now that you have risen in the hands of our lord that you find the peace you sought in our world.



College Athletes Leaving School Early

For or against?

Its a question I’ve often asked myself as I look at the concept of college athletes going professional prior to graduation.

From a "fan" perspective I think this is a horrifying trend.

From an educational perspective its just scary.

So I guess I am against this trend of "matriculation" to professional sports. For me its become a chicken and egg type problem. Which is worse? That college athelete’s don’t believe a college education has more value then playing professional sports? Or that pro sports have a free farm system that they can pluck from at will?

Its a very tough question.