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We had the play yard removed from the backyard of the house. There was a huge pile of dirt under the play yard (unexpected) that we have to deal with now.

Its spring project time. We have a number of indoor and outdoor projects going on. You buy the perfect house and then of course you spend the next 10 years modifying it. This time however, I will not be adding a pool. We have a neighborhood pool that is quite nice. Our last three hours that we’ve owned haven’t had fences. The one we leased in Gaithersburg had a fence. Dylan loved the fence so we are adding on to this house for the dogs.

The other part of course of spring is the reality of allergies. I hate allergies. My throat has been sore for 3 days. Not red infected you have strep sore but annoying sore. Its not like I spend the winter indoors and moving to the outdoors I am suddenly struggling. Rather it’s the pollen in the air that gets me.

What I need is a vacation (which I just had). Actually what I need is to get back to work.


Picture is from the amazing gardens at Mount Vernon. Simply an amazing place to go in the spring. As long as you can breath through your feet so the pollen can’t get you.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

The journey within…
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I miss the way things were.

As we age we look back at the golden moments of our lives. We remember with warm feelings the summers spent dreamily watching the world go by. We seek the inner peace that comes from a hug and being tucked into bed. The moment we realized that we were loved. Cared for and nurtured in ways we hadn’t realized until that very moment.

Today is the first day of the journey that lasts the rest of your life.

The first step takes you on that journey, with each succeeding step adding to your total until the milestones fall like snow flakes on a January morning. Many, unique and collectively something impressive. Each step alone not much to speak of. Even in groups of 100 or 1000 they are not much to watch and see. But in the millions they begin to stretch behind you like a highway.

Begin your journey.


Sunday afternoon with Scott

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For those of you playing along at home – a couple of new Podcasts out on the stream. You can also get it in the Zune store and the Itunes store (free in both). I also have some Fred and Ed stories on the Podcast and will be adding a couple more.. If I can find someone to do the voice (because frankly my voice doesn’t do justice to the character) I may even add a couple of additional Cloud Whisperer epodes.

Today is the long course walk day. I don’t know why I like to walk 10 + miles on Sunday’s. For some reason it really resonates with me. Starts the week off with a sense of relaxed purpose.

Went through another purge this week. Moved out a number of items I haven’t used in more than a year. Its my new standard although a little painful because frankly there are a number of things I haven’t used that I may again use. It forces me to evaluate the goals of the might use and make a judgment call as to if the might =reality.

I’ve been doing some video taping – probably should start a YouTube channel like the podcast. Or maybe made a video podcast. I did a couple of those in the past. Its all about the tribal knowledge.

There is an very interesting new video camera from 3m that is out now. It is a hand held video camera and projector. I am curious about that as it would seem to fill a niche in the market that has long been one that interested me. Combined or multi-purpose devices that solve one or two problems well. Not the Swiss army knife version (solve many problems OK not well).

Enough for today – need to prep for my walk!


Shameless Review

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OK, I will acknowledge up front that I am a weather geek. I wish there was an easy explanation for why (sadly there isn’t). I am a huge weather fan. I actually found the perfect weather device for me a few years ago, and recently upgraded it for even more use. I am a huge fan of the portable weather systems you can get, and frankly the Kestrel is the best I’ve found (I’ve used a few).

Knowing what the weather is can help you, knowing what the weather will be, is even better.


  • Kestrel’s systems are well built molded plastic
  • They are water proof (which you would think was a requirement for a weather station)
  • You can get wind speed, barometer, altimeter and temperature
  • Wind direction and rainfall amounts are not as easy – although since it is portable the rainfall amount is less relevant. Wind direction you can get with an add on.
  • You can also connect the device to your PC to offload the collected data and track things over time.
  • Battery life is good!

What could be improved

  • Connectivity to the PC – you have to do a device to serial and then serial to USB conversion to connect the device to your pc

The things to consider with a portable weather station is frankly what you are using it for, and what type of batteries it uses. Its really hard to find specialty or rechargeable batteries. The Kestrels all use AA batteries so its easy to carry a couple of spares. I’ve gotten 16 hours of continuous use (OK I forgot to turn it off and left it on the desk)out of a set of AA batteries.

All in all if you are looking to get weather information into your house and your palm – this is the way to go.

(only the 4000 series or higher of the Kestrel can actually connect to your PC).



Taking care of your health

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I did a bad thing last night. I ate smothered fries. Not sure why suddenly my diet and workout system went out the windows but it did. The smothered fries were good, but frankly world hunger is still here and we are no closer to world peace, so I suspect in the long run it was a really bad idea.

For most of my life I have celebrated with food. I am not sure why that is the case. I suspect that if I wanted to root around in my psyche I could find the answer but for now it is something I have to think about.

The first step towards change is acknowledge you have a problem. Smile

Now of course I have to change the problem.

It was a fantastic day for a walk yesterday. I really enjoyed being outdoors and walking for 2 hours. There are good days and bad days when it comes to walking, days when you are dragging and days when you are drag racing. Yesterday was a drag racing day – I felt really good the entire walk.

For the second week according to fitbit I am at 100% of the steps for a week with two days to do. I really enjoy hitting that mark! My next goal is to get my heavy activity average up.


discerning your path and choices

The Journey,

We begin life as small helpless infants, viewing the world through our eyes that don’t see far, and thus we rely on our parents to present a view of the world for us. We are influenced by the dreams, aspirations and ethics of our parents. Sometimes it doesn’t take, sometimes it does,

I find this responsibility scary.

In 1984 I graduated on the 5 year plan with a degree in education. I interviewed with 8 school systems and got a series of job offers. The last interview was in person with a school in Northern Indiana. The superintendent looked at me and said, “I am going to offer you a job, but you are a 30 year teacher. You will be called to something else in less than 10 years.” I didn’t take that job but he was right. I made 7 years.

Being a teacher is all about helping people see what isn’t there within themselves, yet.

Being a parent is all about seeing things that aren’t in your child today, but will be someday and figuring out how to help them get there.

Parents and teachers are very similar. But parents and teachers are very different. Teachers have a goal of producing learners. Parents have a goal of producing human beings. I think as a parent I have to say thank you to the teachers that have helped my children be successful. I know that it wasn’t me – it was the teachers they had. There is no greater gift a human being could give then to help another human being grow.

So this day, the day after Columbus landed – I would like to thank those people who taught Columbus to navigate. Those people who talk us to read, and think and understanding puns and plays on words. I started a group once a long time ago when I was a school teacher, The Society of Dead Teachers. It was modeled after the movie “Dead Poets Society” where they met in a cave to revive the words of poet’s no longer with us. We met for years in a Chi-Chi’s restaurant (thank you Chi-Chi’s for your Friday snacks and happy hour). We sought to improve the profession of education. But in the end the SDT was a celebration of teachers.

So on this day, I thank those who guided me on my path.

I thank those who led me to my choices.


Short post today– relaxing on vacation

Vacation days move at a slower pace than work days so today there will be a little more stretching and no sprinting! The thing that I most enjoy about vacations is the lost watch effect. I don’t stop wearing my watch ( I suspect I am too old for the watch less generation) but I don’t look at it as often.

Its almost a totally different attitude about the watch and time itself.

Time on vacation is a river that may or may not flow past your door, but either way you don’t have to look and see if it is there.