Getting into a groove

so over the past four years I have been working out. I use the Garmin Forerunner to track how far I walk (each time I set out).

I have to say that device has changed my life. I pay attention to how far I am walking, how many feet i ascend or descend and the relative sea level where I am.

What hasn’t changed my life as much is the utter lack of respect the US has for people who work out. Its really sad that most major cities don’t have great walking trails. Seattle is an exception – you can have a great time enjoying the city on foot.

Overseas you can find walking trails everywhere (Holland and Germany are the two best). why can’t US cities adopt the concept of walking trails?

We have one in Indy that runs along the old railroad line that once made Indiana the crossroads of America (we aren’t anymore – and the train tracks are now a jogging trail) but that is too far away from where I live.

Is this a problem for anyone else?


The path to caring

Why is it some people spend all their time either mad at you or frustrated with you. Or they are so happy to see you that its worse then them being frustrated at you? What causes people to withdraw from relationships with others and spend their time being snippy and mean?

Oh well – something to ponder over time.

what is the path to caring?

A friend of mine a long time ago once told me that you have to cross the chasm between you and other people to care. You have to bridge the gap. *(how do people in London car, they are constantly told to “mind the gap.”)

Caring to me seems simple. You either are aware that the other person has feelings (caring) or you are not aware what-so-ever (not-caring). I realize that many people will argue this, but think about it and be honest with yourself. This is how we interact with people.

In fact, we frequently start out caring for everyone, then move towards not-caring as people display those “tendencies” that are demonstrative in our feelings as them not-caring about us. For me it is not listening, but that is my issue. There are many other things that cause people to believe the person they are speaking with doesn’t care.

The path to caring is often served best by entering the room with the heart of a servant and forgiving those around you the things they do, that really aren’t intentional. If we enter the conversation willing to forgive, then we are on the path to caring.


The cold of doom


So this weekend for the first time in nearly a year I caught a cold. I suspect my sons shared with me. This was a really bad one however. I woke up Sunday and just couldn’t move. I hate colds when it’s beautiful outside. It’s one thing during the winter when it’s cold and gray outside. You don’t mind lying in bed for a morning. But when the sun is shining and it’s glorious outside that is a  different thing altogether.

Luckily I survived.

More coming from the “savvy traveler tomorrow” today I am recovering!


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What are the artifacts they will find, of today?

Watching a show about King Tut and I was thinking, 2000 years from now, what will survive of our day? An Iphone? A windows PC? What will the people of the future find out about us, digging in the dirt.

I don’t know why it interests me, what the future will think of us. It intrigues me what the future will dig out of the ground and figure out about us. That we spent too many hours with technology devices? that we were obsessed with blogs and podcasts.

Or that we drove cars and flew in airplanes. Perhaps by then people will fly on their own. Perhaps we will clean up the world and they will look back at us as the dark ages, or the “dirty time.”

Will they dig down into our trash dumps? Will they measure the arctic ice and realize that it melted because of us? will earth itself become an archeological dig because we killed it?

It’s something to think about…


Joy and Happiness

I was playing Halo3 with my kids last night. While I realize that this isn’t a "standard" parent child activity we had a blast.

It has made me think about my children and what a joy they have become. When they were little, and I was "the dad" changing diapers and feeding them, I got a great level of satisfaction.

Now however, they are interesting people, no longer appendages that I have to "care for." and I find that I enjoy spending time with them more and more.

What a wonderful gift children are.