Sunday morning ramblings.

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We went to see the Lorax last night. Other than the fact that it was nearly $70 just to get into the 3d version of the movie (you pay a 3.5 per person 3d glasses tax) it was simply a great movie. My father loves the Lorax, so it was nice to see them really stick to the themes of the great Dr. Seuss classic. Overall it was a well worth the cost movie. (Nick’s favorite song was how bad can I be).

Moving from here to there lots of cool things this week:

Game of Thrones is finally available on Blu-Ray. I am excited to see how the book was brought to the screen.

From a technology perspective I started thinking about this yesterday (my apologies for the completely random Sunday rambling) I’ve been thinking about books again. I blogged about the long ago dark past when I moved over 1000 books (4 different times) as a young adult. Now I can move that number of books (and many more things) by carrying a single device. As a long time lover of audible books, I have collected lots of audio books and lots of Kindle books. It is simply amazing.

I got a comment E-mailed to me the other day that really touched me. Someone had started reading my blog, and ended up going out to Amazon to buy my book. (or books not sure).  He has a great blog as well so I’ve started reading it. I find the world of sharing what you have and what you are doing to be well core to where I would like to be. I am a huge foursquare junky (Jackie and I are in the FourSquare war right now).

Anyway, ramblings over.


Why have you cursed me?

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Photography is about the ability to see. Not what is directly in the viewfinder but how it will look after you snap that picture. I feel like Scalari in that I know a great picture and with a digital camera I can take great pictures (1 out of say any 120 I take). I cannot however envision the post snap image. My daughter can. We went nature photo’ing yesterday near the house. It was a blast walking around taking pictures. I am so proud of the bean.

Then, like Scalari I looked at the pictures she took and found myself filled with envy. Why can I be in the same place and time as someone else and not take the same pictures, not find the same beauty? To behold the beauty seen by others is different than being able to create it yourself. I am proud of the bean – she has a great eye for photography. I on the other hand require a larger memory card as most of my pictures are well, not worth the memory they are stored on.

Still, if you view her Facebook page you will see dozens of well framed and shot pictures. I was there as well but I don’t have dozens of well framed interesting pictures (I have 3). I suspect the greatest gift a parent can give a child is waving to them as they blow past you on their way to greatness.

Still..”why give me eyes that can see beauty but not the ability to photograph it?”


Shameless Review

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OK, I will acknowledge up front that I am a weather geek. I wish there was an easy explanation for why (sadly there isn’t). I am a huge weather fan. I actually found the perfect weather device for me a few years ago, and recently upgraded it for even more use. I am a huge fan of the portable weather systems you can get, and frankly the Kestrel is the best I’ve found (I’ve used a few).

Knowing what the weather is can help you, knowing what the weather will be, is even better.


  • Kestrel’s systems are well built molded plastic
  • They are water proof (which you would think was a requirement for a weather station)
  • You can get wind speed, barometer, altimeter and temperature
  • Wind direction and rainfall amounts are not as easy – although since it is portable the rainfall amount is less relevant. Wind direction you can get with an add on.
  • You can also connect the device to your PC to offload the collected data and track things over time.
  • Battery life is good!

What could be improved

  • Connectivity to the PC – you have to do a device to serial and then serial to USB conversion to connect the device to your pc

The things to consider with a portable weather station is frankly what you are using it for, and what type of batteries it uses. Its really hard to find specialty or rechargeable batteries. The Kestrels all use AA batteries so its easy to carry a couple of spares. I’ve gotten 16 hours of continuous use (OK I forgot to turn it off and left it on the desk)out of a set of AA batteries.

All in all if you are looking to get weather information into your house and your palm – this is the way to go.

(only the 4000 series or higher of the Kestrel can actually connect to your PC).



A few meanderings this morning…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Wow – we worked pretty hard over the three day weekend. I am down to one set of missing things (of course they are critical to setting up the home theatre). We have found everything else and things are moving forward!

Went to see the movie “The Help” yesterday. I found myself crying about half way through. It was such a beautiful and well done movie.

Back to the work grind. Although I do have 1/4 of my office setup so I can work. Now I just need to get the last couple of items off my table so I can setup the last two printers. Then it is off to the races.

The marketing team for my book contacted me over the weekend. That was an exciting email. It seems funny to me now, but the dream of a paper edition of a book of mine was a childhood dream. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was really about 12 years old. With three books published (An Architecture Home Companion, There are days you want to go home and now Transitional Services) I have fulfilled that dream. Now its time to get the book moving forward!

Closing in on 2000 blog posts (then we switch to chasing 1000 on my technical blog).



post holiday ramblings

Five products I use ever day:

I am compiling this list in order of usage. it has become apparent to me that I have too many devices so I am considering cutting down. But I always remember a conversation I had a long time ago about Swiss Army knives and their usefulness. So the list below are the five devices I am keeping.

  • My windows mobile HD2
  • Kindle DX
  • FloTv
  • Zune 64 HD
  • Ipod Touch

With the new 3g DX’s floating around I might have to pick one of those up…Rumored that the new FLoTV devices might support placeshifting which may cause me to upgrade that as well.

“This note for my mother – mom I am in Indiana today”

Now I wonder…could I get one device that could do all of that?


The summer of 69

In 1969 Apollo 11 launched into my childhood and changed it forever. Prior to that historic event I lived in a quiet world of trying to build the perfect car with my erector set. After that event I became obsessed with space.

At night I began looking at the moon.

In 1973 at Boy Scout camp we spent hours watching Skylab. It was an amazing sight to see a space ship directly over head. You don’t realize how small our fragile island is until you realize that space is infinite.

Out of that single step for man, giant leap for mankind i became a technologist. I wonder how many people watched that event and changed the course of their lives forever.

People talk about the changes brought by NASA (tang is one) to the world. I wonder how many people were changed as well.


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Digital Photography

My hobby in recent years has become taking digital pictures. I am not sure when that happened, but I find myself taking pictures at virtually every event I attend now.
I’ve improved (at least I think I have) over the course of taking all the pictures I take. But I find lately I’ve been missing the "paper" feel of photographs of old.
Digital pictures are nice, make good slide shows and all but the fun in a photo graph is in sharing it with someone else.
You can’t do that as easily on a computer (unless the person stands directly behind you peering over your shoulder onto your monitor).