Saturday and busy busy busy
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What will be was, but will be again.

The Gostacked system added the option to get a 64 gig external drive for an iPhone. The system is amazing (Kickstarter link below). I realized however yesterday that you really have to be a geek to hang out on Kickstarter all the time.

Today is the Kentland’s festival. We have to go, Luke said, because it will be the last time as residents of the Kentland’s. It makes sense, well at least if you are a teenager.

Anyway – lots to do today.

Two Excellent Kickstarter projects

DXB- Walkie/Talkie dock for iPhone and Android. A handheld integrated device that allows you to connect to the various amateur radio bands, via the RF and via IP using your IPhone or Android device. This project fits into the extremely cool tech innovation category. It’s a little more $400 to get one, but what you get is pretty amazing!

The GoStacked System allows users to attach different device cards on the Hybrid Smart Case to provide additional functions. This is another amazing project, with the ability to add virtually anything to your iPhone. Simply slide on the case and you have solar power or a hard drive or an extended life battery. Amazing!!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Ego Towers from the other side…
My Amazon author page!!!!

On my serious blog (not that I am not serious here, this just tends to be more of a personal style blog rather than my other blog which tends to aim for more professional topics) I’ve been talking about Ego Towers.

We all have egos. We all to a degree build Ego Towers. The one that impacts us the most in our personal lives is the “can’t be wrong” tower. Over time people establish communications patterns. When those patterns change there can be issues. One of the issues is if the new pattern of communication is negative (the can’t be wrong syndrome). We can all be wrong.

So the can’t be wrong tower impacts you when you are looking. The problem with Ego Towers is that people build them. I suspect no one sets out in heir life to build one. We do however all build one. In my other blog I talk about the concepts of an Ego House (that we all have – I suspect while a little negative the Ego House would be the pattern) and the Ego Tower (the negative or Anti-pattern). You build your Ego Tower right on the foundation of your Ego House so you don’t actually have to move.

Ego Towers are risky for other people in that they don’t move. You see a give and take in the process we call communication. An acceptance that both sides have merit and then moving from there.

You run into Ego Towers at interesting times. They can destroy a meeting agenda. They write interesting documents that focus on what they have done to promote themselves. They use the word we. We usually means a collection of people focused on the same problem, issue and sometimes we is family and friends. We isn’t a term used to describe what an Ego Tower is doing, but they do that all the time.

There is a great song from the 1990’s from the Spin Doctors called “Little Miss Can’t be wrong.” It is the concept that I found many years ago in building out the Ego Tower Communication anti-pattern.

Anyway – nothing else came to mind today so I carried over a theme from my other blog.


An Architectural Home Companion still my favorite all time blog series…

If you are interested you can find old copies of AHHC out on this blog in the archive and on my wordpress blog (above) also in the archive.

So yesterday the wife and I did date night (its one of my favorite nights – we just get to be ourselves rather than mom and dad). We went to the movie Knight and Day. It was as Barb put it “a good summer romp.” Not the greatest movie ever but certainly a movie that you could enjoy for a couple of hours.

My next great goal in life?

Five places I have never been but would like to go:

  1. Seoul South Korea
  2. Anywhere in New Zealand
  3. South Africa
  4. Anywhere in Africa (other than SA)
  5. Santiago Chile (or for that matter Peru)

The question is always when will I go!


An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

The damn, dam

Earthen dam’s were all the rage in Indiana when the Lake was built. Or the river was stopped by the dam creating the lake, not sure that Lakes are created, I suspect is more that they are manufactured. In the case of Lake Architectless there was a dam, earthen that stretched about 250 yards and stood roughly 35 feet tall. At one end of the dam there was a sluice or overflow gate, with another overflow setup in the other corner of the dam. The second overflow was simply a concrete flood plain that was roughly set at 33 feet, or two feet below the rest of the dam in case the sluice gate couldn’t handle the volume of water.

Sometime around 2 pm on Sunday afternoon after church when everyone was relaxing or driving over to Fort Wayne for a family outing as we had, an Eco terrorist group blew up the sluice gate, releasing all the water from Lake Architectless. We knew right away, or at least the sheriff knew that in fact it was an Eco terrorist group, as that type of organization protested environmental damage by buildings and seldom blew things up that cause more ecological damage after the explosion than before.

The “who” was in question but not the what. The what was an entire polluted lake suddenly and completely emptied. Water that emptied all over the streets of Lake Architectless, although the sinkhole made a nice lake in front of the city building/general store until the water was drained away.

The water in question of course was filled with a high content of battery acid.



An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

In the beginning

An explanation of the stories contained in An Architecture Home Companion.

I grew up in a small Indiana town. Bloomington is the home of Indiana University which causes the town to swell from its summer lethargy of 55,000 people to well over 88,000 people with the students. I grew up in that environment south of the city in a neighborhood filled with beginning professors. We went outside when it was 6 in the morning in the summer and didn’t come home until dinner time. We would go to various houses each day to get lunch. But for the most part we were outside and on our own.

You could never do that now with your children, it’s a different world. But then it was something that was common. Kids didn’t stay indoors in the summer unless they were sick. The neighborhood where I few up was under construction which made it the perfect for kids. There were half finished roads (the road dug out, but no concrete) that made great obstacle courses for our bikes. There were foundations that had been dug but never finished (which made for great forts for dirt clod fights). It was a paradise for children in a time when you could be a child.

It is those fond memories of Indiana that drove many of the stories shared in my blogs. With the note that my professional upbringing has given me an opportunity to poke fun at some of the sacred cows of my profession (in particular planning and operations) in these pages. By no means is there any intent to harm or offend anyone. I simply wanted to consider what the world would look like if things were not planned.



An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

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An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Sheriff James Early Brownlee

The man who was Sheriff of Lake Architectless and for that matter the entire county most of my childhood was an interesting man. John Early Brownlee was born south of Atlanta in the state of Georgia.

Sheriff Brownlee was a large man standing nearly 6 foot 5 inches tall. He towered over most everyone except his chief deputy (who stood nearly 6 foot 8 inches tall). He had the thickest southern accent in all of Lake Architectless. He also spoke very slowly and carefully seeming to measure every single word before it left his mouth.

He came to Lake Architectless after serving as an MP in the military. He was seeking a change in the world around him and of course like all people seeking his fame and fortune. He served on the Fort Wayne police force for about five years before moving out to Lake Architectless and running for Sheriff. He was a kind man who spent hours each year in the city schools explaining the value of following the law to the children of Lake Architectless.

He married a young lady from Fort Wayne and they settled in Lake Architectless. They didn’t have any children of their own, adopting the town’s children like so many other couples in town. It was as if Lake Architectless was the place where Uncles and Aunts that weren’t related to you were made.