The last blog focused on Mom. Thank you for everything mom!!!!!!


The last pictures of the boat I shared were from the day we wandered around it and decided it was the one. These are from yesterday, when the boat was officially ours. Luke and I went to get it ready to move it across the bay (Kent Island to Annapolis).

Happy Easter all!

Mom was a fantastic egg hider. The problem was she was better than the egg finders she was working with. What does that mean? It means that mom would hide stuff in the house and we would find it, 4-5 months later where she had hidden it. She was really good. Or her kids were really bad at finding the eggs she had hidden. When her Grandchildren were old enough mom moved the festival of egg snatching outdoors. It just meant that later that spring when she was mowing, she would run over the occasional rotten egg. Better outdoors than finding candy indoors because there is a trail of ants!


We are changing the name to Lab’s Lair and it will have a new port of call as well. We love Annapolis. Perhaps someday we will wander back to Kent Island to store our boat. When they put a 2nd and 3rd bridge across the bay. (Luke and I crossed the bay bridge yesterday and it still took 30 minutes even in March!)

The other big holiday for mom (other than Christmas – she loves Christmas) was July 4th. It was our family tradition for many years to gather at mom and dad’s house and then go watch the Bloomington 4th of July Parade at the office where my sister worked. We had a great spot there at Barb’s work to see the parade wander by. Then back to mom’’ and dad’s for a 4th of July meal. Usually brats and burgers. The tradition ended when we moved away (again) this time a little out of a short car ride back to Bloomington. But that was mom’s other big holiday event. We were there for 4th of July 2014 but the circumstances were far different and it was less a celebration. July 2014 was the last one in the old house on Kinser pike. Mom sold that house and moved to a smaller (and extremely nice) new house on the West side of Bloomington. Mom has lived on the west side of Bloomington Indiana for the past 35 years (since moving to the Farm in 1981ish).


We’ve taken many family vacations as a clan over the years (Ooley’s, Misner’s and Andersen’s) this image from the last one dad took with all of us Oak Island North Carolina in 2013.

To end my series of mom stories seems strange. I have more and I will share them from time to time. Mom is a huge part of why I am.  On one hand she and dad are the only reason I am here. Of course, from a legal and distancing perspective mom would probably argue that me or who I am comes from the compilation of events that occurred after she and dad brought me into this world. But the things that mom helped with, guided and supported are huge parts of who I am. When you look back at the influence one person has had on your life you find good and bad. Its only natural that you remember the times that person did things you didn’t want done. Mom was always there. Like that ever changing, never changing Ocean in the last picture mom was and is there. I called her Friday night for advice. In 10 seconds she had me thinking clearly about the problem and not making a rash decision. It is as much that mom was there Friday night as anything. She is an amazing person. This Friday (April 1st) the NSTA is honoring Dad with a life time achievement award. Mom has organized a trip for the adults to go and be there when Dad is honored. Why? Because that is mom. She is a person that loves to share the great moments with everyone. She keeps the bad stuff inside. You could share the bad with us as well. But she always made sure that the good spread to everyone. The world is a better place because mom is on it.

Thanks mom. I can’t tell you I love you enough. I can’t thank you enough for all the things you did, all the things you didn’t do and all the times you told me to stop. I love you.


Son and Anniversary ruiner…

The days of Windows 10 are here….

So far the Windows 10 experience continues to impress. First off things that previously weren’t as effective in Windows 8.1 including the touch interface are much better now. It, by it I mean my windows tablet, now operates more like an iPad. While I understand that iPad’s and Android Tablets weren’t the first nor are they a defacto standard in effect they have become the standard. Windows 8.1 was a better touch OS, but Windows 10 has really made touch worth having.

Now part of the value for me right now is Windows 10 unlocking additional features of my Lenovo Helix. I love my convertible tablet so it makes the conversion easier. I will evaluate the applications I like to use on the Lenovo to see if any of them break. There are three or four applications that are critical path for me including Dragon and Systran. Hopefully those still work. Systran isn’t working with 64 bit office yet which is annoying so I have to downgrade and reinstall. But Dragon is really critical.

I do love the new start menu that combines the best part of Windows 7 and the best part of Windows 8.1 in the start having all applications but now tiled. Microsoft Edge is a very fast browser that blows away IE. I am still a Chrome fan so we shall see how that works.

So initial impressions – I love the upgrade process screen (A circle telling you how much of the upgrade is completed). I love the offline upgrade so you can do that when you are ready. Everything seems to be working perfectly but more testing will be required. Touch works really well now. I have no incompatible devices, which I could no say when I jumped to windows 7.

Overall a good experience on my first upgrade. I have a couple more to go. Two of the systems left for upgrade are a big deal as they are currently running VMware Workstation for my cloud stuff. So I will have to research those upgrades before leaping forward.

Happy for now – testing applications begins today.


Windows 10 user

Just another shameless review–Quell

We live in the age of connection. The more we connect the more connections there are. Recently I injured my shoulder. Well I aggravated a previous injury and made it worse. Between carrying a backpack and the various tugs and pulls my upper arm started hurting all the time. I tried ice and heat a variety of different ways I even got to the point of applying patches to my upper arm so I could sleep at night.

The new thing doctors recommend is electric stimulation. Enter Quell. A Bluetooth device that offers an electronic stimulation regime for your arms and legs.

What I like:

  • Device is small
  • Charge and go – simply plug in the power pack and away you go
  • Easily attached to the pain point.
  • Lasts a week on one charge
  • gel pads are easy to attach to the main unit
  • software is nice, let’s you see what is going on with your


The system is one hour on one hour off. You can see where you are with the treatment in the software. You will feel a slight buzzing wherever you have the unit attached. Nothing painful just a buzzing feeling.

What I don’t like

  • The replacement pads (must be replaced every two weeks or so) are expensive.

So first off this hasn’t solved my pain. I am in that ticklish spot where I do not know if my arm is getting better. It hurts more now than it did. But it hurts more quickly now than before. So its hard to tell is it getting better or worse. I am going to try it on my chronic knee once my upper arm feels better and see if it will help there.

Overall – great product, easy to use. It is a growing home market. The device works well, is small and charges via USB cable. You can wear it under your shirt (upper arm) and it only bulges out a little so you could wear it all day. I am only wearing it in the mornings when I get ready to move for my day. So its on about an hour overall.

Great product (yes it’s a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project). 


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow)

Thinking about the book “Packing for Mars” and wondering…

One of the drivers (other than the circular slide rule my father gave me) for me and technology was NASA. I loved everything to do with the space program. It started for me in 1967. It went the wrong way when VI Grissom died in Apollo 1 but like so many kids my age back then I was steadfast in the race to the NASAmoon. I learned later that race was in part based on a brilliant speech by John Kennedy. It was in the end a race that changed humanity in so many ways.

I watched (and watch although less now because of work) every launch. I applied for the teacher in space program but of course we all know I didn’t get that or I wouldn’t be typing now.

NASA along with the original Star Trek made me into a technologist. Not for the seeking of what could be but instead the as a friend always puts it “the art of the possible.”

One of my favorite books is the discussion of what you would take on a journey to Mars. Could you be introspective for a year? Two years? Sitting alone or possibly one/two other people reading, writing and evaluating the universe? What would you need on that journey?

I have made packing for Mars lists. I know that is geeky but I have done it. Several times in my life I’ve sat down and thought about the 40 things I would Image result for image of a saturn five rocketneed for a 3 maybe 4 year journey. Before the Kindle it would have been boxes of books. Now its just my Kindle.  What would you need to ride that craft into the great beyond.

Packing for Mars

  1. Kindle of course you would have to disable whispersync. Oh yeah and you would need more memory than the existing Kindles or a computer to store the additional books on
  2. Pictures – everyone I know and have known. Plus a way on occasion to burn precious bandwidth and get new pictures of people I love.
  3. Music – I would have to have a lot of Neil Young. Everything he has written over the years and a place to store that either an MP3 player or perhaps the computer with the Kindle Library.
  4. IoT sensors around me to both have an deploy. Be able to gather as much information as possible about the journey to consider.

So many more things but you are limited. In effect you would take with you your connection to the world. That connection would have to support aging. That in the end is the problem. That connection changes. So you would have to be prepared not for the loneliness of space. That would get to you a bit in the 4 years. But rather the biggest shock might be on arriving home.

The world would not be as you left it. Things change in a week, four years may make more changes than you would want to deal with upon return. That means you would have to select people that in the end don’t want require human interaction all the time and don’t mind being different when they do return to constant human interaction.

I guess in the end you have to pack certain communication patterns in the craft with you. Oh and make sure you don’t hit the triggers that create the anti-pattern reaction all patterns have.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

I acknowledge I am a geek. I love the CES show. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

I am a CES junkie (consumer electronic show). Every year I wonder what is coming, what is possible and what changes that event will bring. The event manages every year to bring one more thing to the market that is unexpected and exciting. There are several things this year that I find very interesting, the first of those is the new Intel offering. Basically a computer for your TV, is a link to the news article. You plug this device into the back of your TV like a Chromecast or FireTV Stick and it gives you a computer running right on your TV.

Based on the processor and overall capacity I doubt you will be running CAD-CAM application but you certainly could use your TV as a media hub and use it to create documents and as a processor for remote video calls. The cost is less than an android tablet (projected to be around 149 with Windows and less for the Linux version). Overall the concept of a chip on a stick is interesting and one that I am intrigued by.

I find it interesting that 4k TV’s are all over the CES floor. Every video I have seen has a 4k TV in it. While I certainly find it intriguing that the quality of the viewing experience has improved I struggle with the value of the different from 720 to 1080. I am not sure I have the visual acuity that 4k TV’s will make a difference for me.

Another area that is interesting is the explosion of Home Automation. That is an area not only of personal interest for me but also of professional interest. Home automation allows you to remove many repetitive tasks from your life. Or, improves the overall security of your home when you are away. Once when I traveled overseas I was away for nearly three weeks. When I got back to Indiana, I found two doors that had been left open to the house. The side garage door and the back door of the house were unlocked. Not open inviting someone to walk in, but unlocked and available if someone simply went and turned the knob.

Home automation removes a lot of that risk from your life. First off it does away with the concept of keys. You simply have a code on the main doors to use when you need to get into the house. You can also allow cleaning people and contractors into your house without being there if you so choose. But home automation is more than smart locks and intelligence in the house. Its more than peace of mind.

It is the expansion of the IoT or Internet of things concept into the home. It allows to have a managed home environment that you can operate and manage from your PC or Tablet.

My personal choice for Home Automation is Control4. The system integrates video security with home management and allows me to walk into a lit house at night without having to fumble around in the dark for a light switch. It allows me to check and see if I remembered to close the garage door without turning around and going back to see visually. You can control shades for when it is sunny. You can control lights for when it is dark. You can open and close doors from the living room.

Once again CES has me thinking about new and cool technology.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

What will we do with 250,000 pictures?
My Amazon author page!!!!


For those of you who know me, the picture could be from any age. In this particular case it is a picture my father took when I was somewhere between 9-11 years old. I do not recognize the building behind me so I can’t pin point it more than that.

We’ve scanned roughly 1000 of the 9000 slides. Between that and the nearly 2000 digital pictures of dad’s we found I have to say the project is a lot bigger than original estimated.

I suspect the scope creep is my fault.

The more I look at that picture the more it looks like the dark object in the back is a door.

It does however bring a non-family but family topic to bear. How do you organize a digital life? My father left between 8500 and 9300 slides (plus or minus based on courting and a few slides that are dudes). He left another 2500 to 4000 digital pictures. Once our project is done I am back to my problem of four years ago now – The Syncverse.

I will fold those 11,000 to as many as 13,000 digital pictures into a collection of more than 90,000 digital pictures and another 200 or more videos (not counting the 40 compiled video’s now on DVD of family events). How do you organize a fully digital life? At the rate I am going I will be well past 100,000 pictures. With Flickr, Photo bucket and Facebook being the only places I really heavily display things (the occasional Washington DC traffic photo appears on instagram by me).

In the concept I developed (The Syncverse) there is a nice compilation of your digital life organized by professional and personal. Many of my traveling pictures are professional but taken to share with my family. It was never real, the cool things I saw until I got to share them with my family. They make the travel real – because I traveled for work and work was to keep my family happy and safe.

It will take us between 150 and 200 hours of work to actually scan all the slides. In the end well worth the expended time. But what happens when you get to a place where someone has 250,000 pictures or more. Thousands of hours of video. Or they have the sixty second camera on their life for a year (it takes a picture of what you are doing every 60 seconds).

What do you do with a vast digital archive?

In the end the Myverse, Syncverse software cannot come fast enough.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

Follow on Review Sonos Play bar (and more)…
My Amazon author page!!!!

Follow on from my review of the Sonos Play bar. I got a play bar a little over a year ago when we lived in the house we were leasing. Mostly I got it knowing that we  would be buying a house so I could have it installed. My initial review stands related to the product. It is a great sound addition to your home. We’ve added two additional rooms and finalized our home theater since my initial review. We now have the Play bar with two back speakers and a sub woofer in the theater, a smaller speaker in my office (that is amazing for sound) and a new Sonos five in the kitchen (that is wireless so we can take it on the deck.).

Things I love now:

  • Ease of set-up – the other day I had to reset the system because I switched iPads and upgraded to the new software. I was back up and running in less than five minutes.
  • Setting up a music source on the iPad, iPhone or Computer is easy.
  • The new computer version of the software is very nice and extremely powerful. I love the new PC version.
  • The sound is simply amazing.
  • the speakers just look good – well constructed and sturdy.
  • Virtually every major audio source is preloaded I would still like to see a live meeting connection – which shouldn’t be to hard simply allow the concept stream from computer running the Sonos software.

Things I think could be better:

  • Again the live meeting and Webex additions would be valuable
  • I do not really like the new iOS 7 based version of the mobile controller
  • Stream from source should allow me to pick a source (my iPad) and stream content from it.
  • no airplay (see above) if airplay isn’t possible then how about stream from source (computer)…
  • This last one is probably me but I’ve tried to load the Audible Application now for about a week it says its working but it never shows up in the controller for me to then turn around and play audible books.

Overall this is still the best sound system I’ve ever had. Once upon a time over the years I collected speakers for my system. You end up buying expensive speakers over time but they just don’t sound as good as the Sonos speakers. I love the flexibility of moving things around – we could take the two extra theater speakers and place them on the back deck for a really nice outdoor sound system.

If you are in the market for a sound system that will grow with you or one that comes completely ready to do everything you want to do – get the Sonos Play bar and Subwoofer.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.