Losing a PC and trying to decide what to do…

For some reason the past couple of day’s I can’t sleep. I keep waking up at 4:30. I like to wake up early before everyone is rustling about and moving. But normally time adjusted I get about around 5 am. Lately the past couple of days it has been 4:30 am. I also have been going to bed earlier.

Years ago I used to make fun of my father when he would get up early. He did every day of the week even the weekends. For a long time I tried to sleep in every weekend but the years have seen sleeping in move from 10 am, to 8 and now 6 or 7 am is the latest I sleep in. I guess I am my fathers son.

I lost my workhorse PC last week. That has forced me to move my blog to a new pc and/tablet. I have a backup of the PC so I am not worried about the IP on the machine, but not having that machine changes my pc use a lot. It was my sit down and write pc.  First off I am going to try to recover the hardware that pc used. If I can’t I will probably have to get another PC at some point. Like I said it was my sit down and write pc. I do have other pc’s but they each have specific uses. One is for hosting VM’s. One is for creativity and the last one is for backing up to the cloud.

It is the old way of doing things, to have a PC for each function but it is the way I learned. I grew up in the dark ages of computing when we dreamed about connecting and connections. Part of that dream was a large number of servers running a variety of tasks. So I tend to still segregate computers into tasks. I could and probably should consolidate now with this opportunity.

With the family history project we created a scanning station. That computer was connected to the Epson scanner, we added the 3d scanner to that computer and it remains our scanning station. I have a windows tablet also but that is my creativity station. I have managed to fill the hard drive of that computer. With windows 10 coming, I found I only have three computers that can actually upgrade. Then my workhorse, that cannot be upgraded died. Of course that is the easy way to avoid obsolesce. Machine dies, forcing you to eventually either move things around or buy a new PC.

So in a long an rambling way that is the decision I have to make now. Do I finally bite the bullet and consolidate functionality? Or do I wait and but a new PC after windows 10 is established to see what new functionality is enabled in the new PC’s. I have a couple of touch PC’s and they are interesting. I stayed away from the Surface and went with Lenovo PC’s. I have horrible memories of the old IBM thinkpads in the days before the internet. But the new Helix and Horizon PC’s are nice.

We shall see what the future brings. For now I am consolidating systems. I will restore my old workhorse pc to a VM so I have the functionality that I’ve built over the past three years into active words. I guess in the end it’s a good thing I backed up that file.

Time to get rolling.


Family Historian

Time to switch it up

I have over the years tried a number of publishing platforms for my blogs. I’ve written them in word at night and published them in the morning. I’ve stream of conscious produced them in Windows Live Writer. I have used blogpress and a number of other systems. I have written them on my ipad and on my Samsung Tablet.  About a week ago i took a break from my second longest running blog series ever (family history project) to focus on some of the other things that I have been not blogging about.

Today its the blogging platform. First off a huge thank you to WordPress. When the live blogs were going away they stepped in and offered a great platform. Its easy to publish to and I am now running two blogs thanks to their system. I started writing every day many years ago. For a long time when I moved into a technical field and didn’t write every day I was often frustrated. So I picked it back up with the blogging concept.

Now I share my thoughts, inner arguments and debates with the world. No longer just inner monologues. Some of them are not worthy of being thoughts and I apoglize for those. I have created a variety of formats and themes as well over the years. This is my platform to argue with myself.                     

I’ve recently decided to make my blog more portable – shorter and more focused on a single theme. That was my laerning from the family history project. People like to read a single theme. I haven’t done any of my shameless reviews in awhile. I have a couple I would like to post when I get around to that again.

But I am going to give each of the publishing platforms another try. I dismissed the iPad as a usable platform after about 3 months. I am going to try and write my personal blog on the iPad again for the next couple of days. Just to see if in fact it has improved.

So back to the iPad. There are limits but it is a pretty solid platform overall. Of course spelling errors increase so I have to double check the post. And frankly if the world measured spelling abilites in MPG, my MPG would probably be less than 1.0. I am not a strong speller.

Time to get rolling for the day.


Family Historian

The Hodge podge days of summer…

Our fan on our AC unit stopped working yesterday. It wouldn’t be so bad, but humidity is around 300% in the DC area so it is that bad. The house is nice and Albums021toasty warn now. Hopefully the repair people are here as promised today.

The picture is my grandmother Andersen my father’s mother. We stayed with Grandma a few times over the years. I remember them very well. The first time we stayed I remember Grandma giving her dogs canned green beans.  Grandma always had small dogs. She lived her with sister my Great Aunt Mart after grandpa died.

Grandma was always reading. She loved books and was always up for a conversation on one of the books she had recently read.

She was also fond of having the always fantastic Danish pastry Kringle around. I love Kringle. Pastry dough and a mix of sugar and nuts lightly based. Yum!


Dad got to spend some time in South Africa working with Miss Hart and the educational system of SA. he was able to capture this image fairly close of a glorious elephant.

Wonderful framed picture of a glorious creature.

In Thailand Elephants were incredibly useful co-workers. It was amazing watching the Elephants work. Asian Elephants are a little smaller than African ones.

There were quite a few pictures from the SA trip. This one is by far my favorite. There are a couple of others images from their trip out into the plans of SA but again this one is my favorite.

It kind of feels like Africa in the house right now. Hot.


An event in our apartment in Thailand. Mom is passing around a plate, and Barb is staring at the camera. Dad is making a point of one type or another. When dad was really excited and engaged in an argument he would start talking with his hands. He didn’t always talk with his hands but again when hyper focused he would start.

Barb doesn’t look very happy.

I can’t quite make out what is on the plate.

This would have been 1972.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.


This will be a short blog – traveling this week. I was for many years a traveling professional. I traveled around the world. Over a million miles in the air over those years. That seems like a lot but in the end it probably is less than you think. It is however hours away from family.

That is the one thing I miss about those years. I was in the end away as much as I was there. I was home every night when Jakki was little and have been home the vast majority of nights the boys have been in middle and high school.

To travel all the time you have to have a mindset. You have to be prepared to travel at all times. I had a bag that wasn’t unpacked for 10 years. Ready to go with all the components you needed for a happy travel life. The funny thing is over the past 10 years that bag has less and less in it. Less becuase I don’t need to take as many things now as I did then. I once carried an XM Radio, speakers, portable GPS, camera and a backup of my materials on a hard drive. 

I have most of that on my smart phone and in the end I only have to carry a USB key with the backup of my materials. Oh how times have changed. In the end however I don’t miss traveling.


Images from Thailand 2004

There are two things you could always say about my pops (seen here sharing lunch with a group of Thai Science Teachers.). Actually now that I think about it album639there are three things you could always say about my father.

  1. The first was my father strove to be a life long learner. He was always trying to figure out how things worked. When it came to gardening and many other things he often did have a better way to do things.
  2. Dad was a teacher at heart. Get 20 people around him and the teaching would begin. I think of all the things he taught me over the years and I miss that.
  3. Oh yeah and the few times I called my dad pops didn’t go over well. That was not his style. Dad was dad from the get go and pops was not one of the names we called him (twice).

He so loved Thailand. I think the time we spent in 1971 and 1972 changed dad. He loved the culture, the people and in the end the opportunity to be a part album627of the change in that great country. Thailand is a place you may not be current in, but it is a place that never leaves your heart.

Thailand is a land of time as well. It was strange coming from the US where the oldest buildings in the town I grew up were barely 100 years old. Most of the old buildings were 50, 60 years old. To a land that didn’t consider a building old until it had been around for 500 years.

I learned so much that year in Thailand. I learned first off what it meant to be a minority (one of few) versus being part of the majority. I also learned that when the majority welcomes the minority the world is a better place. I never felt out of place or unwelcome when I was in Thailand. Truly in the end my sisters and I were different than many of the children we were around. In the land of album625smiles everyone was accepted.

Here a power lunch. The person in the center of the picture was Kathleen Hart. She introduced me to Clotted Cream (or what we call Whipped Cream in the States). Miss Hart was one of the smartest people I have ever met. She didn’t do well with children but that was because she wasn’t often around them. She was my mother’s dearest friend for more than 40 years. They met in Thailand Miss Hart from England and mom from the States and became fast friends. Miss Hart passed away about two years before dad did. The world lost a great mind when she passed.

Like I said my time in Thailand opened my mind to differences. I can honestly say I only worry about the ksi8lls of the person in front of me. I don’t worry about anything else. Thailand opened that acceptance door for me and I am forever in its debt.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

A shard of poetry

My Amazon author page!!!!

The shard of poetry

on a vase

sitting on the shelf


the pickled eggs

and by a box of cereal

just a shard

I turned it in my hands

but found no more

just a feeling there was more

but there was no more

just the vase

with the fragment

painted on

as though an afterthought

I am done with the vase

and then the verse added

but never completed.




leaning against the pickled eggs

as though

too much alcohol

too much fun




Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow!

The first American Civil War…

My Amazon author page!!!!


Beaver Island Michigan. We spent a week there with my parents friends from Chicago (the Dickowskis I am sure I spelling the name wrong). I personally got my love of history and the exploration of historical places from my father. Beaver Island was originally populated by the Mormon Church and prior to the Mormons being pushed West they built out the island considerably.

In the 1840’s their candidate for governor of Michigan lost and they started the first American Civil war. Its one that history books forgot. But my dad knew about it and we talked quite a bit about both the persecution of the Mormon church at the item and the first American Civil War.

Beaver Island Michigan is an Island off the shore of Northern Michigan and on the map South of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You get there via ferry.


I love lighthouses for some reason. I always have. Perhaps it is the stories of the men and women that risked their lives to protect others. Perhaps it is the pristine beauty of whitewashed bricks. Or in the end perhaps the undying optimism that the light can be seen. Who knows, but I love watching them, visiting them and like my father photographing them.

This is the lighthouse on Beaver Island.

Its funny to look back over the years of my childhood. I remember the vacations. Turtle Flambeau Flowage, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Porcupine Mountain State Park (UP Michigan also), Beaver Island, Estes Park Colorado, Florida (Barb and I visiting my grandparents), L.A. and many more. But the strongest memories I have are of my grandparents lake house in Cambridge Wisconsin.


A parents job done right is to teach your children to fly on their own. Sometimes you have to pick them up when they fall and sometimes you just have to be there. In the end they move on and become your friends. It is both the curse and joy of being a parent. Being willing for a moment to let go. To let them test the limits around them and push the envelope of the universe.

You leave them with memories. Images in their head of the lessons and dreams you shared with them. Memories of places from a long time ago.

Thanks dad for all the memories and the chance to relive them as we scan your slides with love. 6700 done so far with roughly 2800 to go.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow