Wander project Germany…

Another trip to Germany, this one with a different group of people although a very similar purpose. The first time was evaluating and working with Messaging Architects. Many years ago there were two types of certified architects from Microsoft (Depth and Breadth). I got to work with both groups and help them. The first trip I shared a few days ago to Munich (with images of the bears I love) was working with the Depth architect group.

The second was with the breadth architect group. What the heck is the difference you might ask? Well, quite simply one is a focused architect that can tell you what and how to deploy a specific technology (there were four or five depth architect certifications based on Microsoft Technologies). A breadth architect is the one that could do more than the MSFT technology stack. The link to the previous post is embedded above.

This particular trip was also fun because I got to hang out with a dear friend, who is the best beer maker I’ve ever hung out with bar none (and I know quite a few people that make their beer, this person is the best period). Plus there was a great group of people, and we were having some very interesting meetings on the future of the future!  Plus, it was a different part of Munich from the last time I was in Germany, it is always fun to explore a new part of a city!


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Wander project Greenwood IN

The pictures are from March 2003 and the twins 5th birthday. Based on what happened In the four months leading up to their birth and the two months after, we didn’t know then that 5th was even possible. The fear of that pre-post birth period was hard. Emotionally we were drained.  In the space of those five years, a lot of things changed. We moved back to Indiana from Ohio. We started the boys in pre-school but then decided to do some pre-schooling homeschooling to get them ready instead.

That was a huge success; my wife had the twins ready for kindergarten and beyond. It is funny sometimes; people hear that you have twins and they say “oh I wish I had twins.” I even hear people tell tales of “having twins to just get it over with. Twins are manageable barely. The old joke I used to tell people was you had one hand to grab each of the twins. The problem was, by the time this birthday had rolled around things were different.

Now, at five they worked together. They would distract and avoid. You see if you have two hands, you can grab two twins. But not if one is distracting you while the other takes off or sneaks off. Then you need a second parent. Or a big sister, and based on the speed of the twins, often all three and grandparents as well. The moments that were captured, the times that were documented are really important memories. There is nothing finer than remembering what was.



Wander Project San Francisco

The trips I took for business were not always well, time available. There were many times when I would fly in, or in some cases drive into a city and by the time the meetings were done it was night time. The only day images of the city I captured were early morning walks, or out the hotel window or car window. Over the years I stopped a few times in San Francisco (multiple-hop trips to Asia). I also did on occasion have meetings in the city!

I have some friends that live in the Bay area, so it was always fun to stop in on a business trip and hang out with my friends. San Francisco, in particular, downtown, is a wonderful area to walk and wander around. Not, by the way, that I had any time on the tip with pictures shared. I was literally in and out of San Francisco in less than 35 hours. We drove in from Sacramento the first day, arriving a little after 11 am., We then met with partners the rest of that day.

The morning there was time for a brief walk, but for the most part, it was prepping for more partner meetings and then rushing to the airport. It was the last city in a three-city California presentation and after LA, Sacramento and then San Francisco I was tried and ready to go home. Funny how the reality of time catches you. I have been to San Francisco a few times since that first trip. But mostly my memories come back to the rush in, rush out first trip!



Wander project art of the past!

Continuing today’s trend of images by other people in my family, today some of the pictures scanned from one of the twins comic book. They worked hard on creating the comic book and the artwork shared today. For a long time, the twins were going to become computer programmers. I suspect seeing me leave on Monday and not get home until late Thursday or Friday changed their interest in IT careers.

The first four pictures are from the comic book. The next nine pictures are all the twins Bionicles creations. For many years the twins got Bionicles for various events, and I had to put them together. Then one day they no longer needed me to put them together. After that, one of the twins started creating his characters using the mix and match parts to build their creations. The comic book was also developed during this period or a little before.

If I remember correctly, the twins were around 7 or so when they stopped having me build Bionicles for them. They may have been younger. They weren’t older than seven at the time they were creating the Bionicles and comic book. Seeing the creations again brings back memories. I enjoyed their creations and started taking pictures of them. I suspect the creations were photographed over a six, or even seven month period. They are still amazing to this day!


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Wander project Munich…

Travel photos today from my first trip to Munich a few years ago. I was quite taken as were the folks I was traveling with, the bears of Munich. It seems strange to me now, remembering when I traveled all the time. I haven’t really, other than family vacations traveled for the past 6.5 years. One of the things that are always missing though is the friends I have all around the world. It is nice using Facebook or LinkedIn to stay in touch, but that isn’t the same as relaxing and hanging out with the many people I know.

Home is where the heart is!

But sometimes home should be more than where your suitcase stops on the weekend.

These pictures of Munich and the bears were from a great trip with a really good group of people.  One of the things that I can do is share the pictures. There are many pictures I can’t share from some of the later vacations. My Canon DSLR takes images that are too large to share here on Virily or other places. Many places limit the size of images. I completely understand that they, after all, have to pay for storage.

Time is a funny thing.


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Wander project Annapolis!

The arrival of March brings us closer to the season of boating. We stop in October and commence roughly the end of March.  April and sometimes all the way into the middle of May are cooler and the water a little rougher. This year on the boat we have several fun milestones. First and coolest from a technology perspective is the arrival of our long-awaited ROV from Trident. ROV’s let you explore underwater, and share pictures and videos of that!

The other fun part of boating is just getting away from the work week. We, like many people in the DC area, spend a lot of time during the week working, driving and avoiding traffic when possible. Funny but boat traffic is more relaxing than car traffic. Don’t ask me why, perhaps if you take away a destination, then traffic no longer impacts your concept of late or early. You simply go until you get there. You travel at your pace!

Shout out by the by to our wonderful Marina Annapolis Landing. We are ready to come back for our boating season!

That said, the dogs are ready as well. They like getting away from the house and seeing what they can see. Weekends are their time, and they guard their time zealously. With perhaps more ferocity than they should, but it is their time. As of today 21 days, 3 weeks and probably one nasty storm from boating season!


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Wander Project Seattle…

Today’s pictures are of a trip to Seattle Washington a few years ago. The text is about the impact of business travel. There was a time when I was a new business traveler. Like many business travelers just starting out, I had a system. It evolves over the years many times. There are two kinds of business travelers, those in a rush and those not in a rush. You know the in rush folk, they rush on the plane, pack everything in a carry on bag and tear out of the airport when they arrive. That is how I started many years ago.

My goal was to land and be in a cab or rental car in less than 30 minutes.There were many times I flew at 6 am on a Monday so I could spend Sunday evening with my family. Unless the flight were 4 or more houses, then I would have to fly out Sunday. Long overseas trips meant more time flying out before and more time recovering after. If I were on my way to Asia, I would normally have to leave Saturday morning, so I was able to somewhat function Monday morning.

Over time my “business travel” evolved. I learned that it was ok to check a bag. That way you could have the things you needed when you arrived. The goal wasn’t to rush out of the airport but to take my time, check email, wait for my bag and not stress out. The evolution of a calm business traveler made traveling easier for me. I no longer glared at people struggling with the security rules, I smiled at them and said, “TSA doesn’t like that, you need to do this, or this.” I smiled at people and enjoyed my trip. That evolution took four or five years. It seems second nature to me now, having traveled so much. Traveling by car is the easiest, you can take most of your stuff. Traveling by plane is the fastest, traveling by train is also an option. The goal isn’t to be the first one there; the goal is to open your eyes and see where you are going!


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