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HD, HD and 3D

So I was looking at one of the 3d tv’s (they are quite impressive) and thinking about the various standards that are floating around right now. I’ve been a dish subscriber since the mid 1990’s and have enjoyed all digital television that entire time. I’ve owned the digital radio service (XM and now Sirius XM) for more than 8 years. I have two HD radio’s in the house, and you can tell a difference. The reality is for me its simple – I love technology and adding new technologies to my wheelhouse is of value. The other side of this is I love to listen to music while I am writing/working. So it seems a simple solution for me.

But when I think back over the past ten years – the change is pretty big.

It really goes back to a concept that is near and dear to my other blog, the Syncverse. The data lives over our heads almost every minute of every day. Each breath we take is filled with the digital embers of the technology fire. We breath the air of technology each and every minute. But somehow there are people that are not allowed to connect to that information.

  • They are not adept and struggle to assimilate the components of technology
  • They are not allowed by law or other intervention

The first one scares me. Only because it means that there are a number of people who struggle with what technology is. Its not something new – its simply speeding up something you’ve always done. Of course then I look at my universal remote of 12 years ago (the windows CE based Miracle) and realize that in fact, it isn’t that simple. I have the Logitech now – that is only three buttons but it isn’t as easy as it should be and you have to program and manage the button’s “activities” which brings me back to my original question of what do we need to do to help everyone become more adept?

All three of my kids seem to have gotten the technology gene (they pick stuff up quickly) but I wonder if in fact it is genetic rather than learned behavior. You see based on the Syncverse thinking I have been doing I am being to think that in fact it is simply learned behavior supported by an environment where the technology is prevalent and therefore present.

Learning would allow for teaching.