On the way to a memory my tongue remembered something else



So I was talking yesterday and suddenly I realized that my metaphors came out all wrong. I started down the path of one story, but ended up heading a different direction. I immediately punished my tongue (no chocolate for a week) but it was too late. The already confusing message I was trying to share got lost in about 3 pounds of additional confusion.

Why does that happen?

We spent time at the table yesterday (at my folks house) talking about the difference in traveling today versus when we went to Thailand the first time 30 plus years ago.

  • with international cellphones it is much easier to stay in touch
  • there are many more flights to most countries – so you don’t wait as long in the airport
  • The world feels much smaller to me now than it did 30 + years ago when we went overseas.

My daughter is turning 18 in just a little over a month. My step-daughter turned 25 three days ago. Both of those statements make me feel old.

Windows Phone 7 launches today – I am really excited about this.

Only 75 days until Christmas.