The Kindle Fire HD!!!!
My Amazon author page!!!!

I had to do it yesterday. It popped into my inbox and said buy me. Pre-order me Seymour. I know that I don’t need one. In fact at this point our house has 5 of them.

  • The thing is, I am a huge customer.
  • I have Amazon prime.
  • I have an Amazon cloud drive.
  • I suspect I am their target market. And I needed a Christmas present for myself.

So I ordered the new Amazon Kindle HD 8.9 inch device. The add looks fantastic. The features are the ones I’ve been hoping for since I got my original kindle fire. It gives me a media tablet that will surpass the other’s I have (except the iPad). Most importantly it lets me focus my iPad on work stuff so that I have more battery life for that.

Plus it just looked freaking cool.

Oh and I have a lot of friends who work at Amazon so it’s a good company to support.

On my other blog I talked about usability yesterday and messages that resonate today. The Kindle is a product that resonates with me. I’ve had one since the original Kindle shipped some 6 years ago. I’ve ended up buying Kindle’s for everyone in my family because we are trying to reduce the stuff in our house. Getting rid of books is a quick way to do that (although funny for a writer to say he is getting rid of books).

I will post a review later once the item actually arrives.


My Amazon author page!!!!

Yesterday was an awesome day. We drove over near Baltimore and hiked in a state park. Dylan loved the combined day of RIDE RIDE RIDE followed by WALK WALK WALK and of course a sandwich he got with his new favorite food (BACON). We ended up walking about 5 miles including a wonderful trip through the salt flats that are a part of the trail. Overall – a great day. Took a long time to get there you almost arrive in Baltimore before you turn North towards Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Today I am upgrading the two house macs. Later on this year I will have to upgrade a bunch of computers to windows 8 but overall I have to say the Apple model is so easy to use and ultimately work with. Buy once and upgrade away. Plus the apple hardware is put together like a BMW – well built and solid (its what I love about Mini-coopers well built and solid, plus a heck of a lot of fun to drive)

I need to pull pictures from our last two family events onto the network and eventually post just haven’t had the time. Too many things going on right now for me to be able to get things done.

Next week I am as I said yesterday traveling again for one day. Flying to Indy to speak at Purdue and then flying home. Seems strange after all those years (twice) in Indiana to again call somewhere else home. I lived in Indiana from 1966 to 71, 72 to 91 and then finally from 1999 to 2011. When you think about how many different places you live in your life it really starts to add up. I’ve now live in four cities with my still blushing bride. We’ve lived in Bloomington, Cincinnati (really two cities there but I won’t count suburbs), Greenwood and finally Gaithersburg. Before marriage stuck (my first one kind of unraveled for a lot of reasons so I always say it didn’t stick).s I also lived in Bangkok Thailand, Bloomington and my personal favorite city Chicago.

Time changes everything.


Commencement speech coming up…

My Amazon author page!!!!

A passage back to the place I was before. The only poem I ever sold for money (cash the definition of a professional writer was the poem “seven days journey in an open boat in search of the sun”) I’ve had poems published but always for author’s copies. I am not sure why that came up today. But its in my head for some reason.

I am giving a commencement speech next week. I keep struggling with talking to 18 year olds about the world that is coming. I can easily tell them about what was.  I could use the line from Welcome back Kotter “what will be was, but will be again.” Or I could come at it from the William Faulkner angle (life is a tale told by an idiot).

Who knows what lies ahead. It is the mystery of what will be that makes life so intriguing and scary at the same time. We embark on a journey without course or map and hope that journey takes us near to where we believe we were heading in the first place. The world is a dark cave and education the torch that gets us a little light to see what is directly around us. Life teaches us to eventually realize that the cave may have lights and so in looking for the switch we can illuminate so much more than just the torch can illuminate.

Bound on a journey that begins and ends without our consent.

For the next few days I will be thinking through some thoughts for the speech – I have until Tuesday at 7 pm to finalize it.


A beginning

My Amazon author page!!!!

Writing is a craft. It is something you start as a kindergarten student, sitting at a tiny desk with crayons in hand attempting to reach within yourself and find a model and method for and of communicating with others. It is an extension of you beyond representations of the physical (or frig art as it is sometimes called).

This is however a beginning. A launching point for the expulsion of ideas from the author to you the reader. We shall in wandering the pages to follow find a common ground where our thoughts will meld into a single unified agreement and in many cases a divergence where my original thought will lead you in a new and exciting direction.

It is, this beginning we have here, the start of a conversation. A conversation that has been had many times before yet somehow each time remains unique. It is a conversation between myself and you although a you of the future and a me of the past. For the me that created this is no more, having moved forward into the future that is now the present. At the same time you the reader are reaching back into the past, a slice of history that you are celebrating in reading this, sharing this.

The path to understanding involves taking the first step. I suspect this convoluted future you and past me conversation may not be a step towards understanding. In fact I doubt that anything past me knows and puts on this paper will result in future you suddenly leaping to your feet screaming I understand. Instead let us consider this a conversation that may (or may not) occur on the journey to understanding.

from the desk of Sandler boggs

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. (Both the boys and my father were born today, although since we are not in Kentucky, not on the same day).

My Amazon author page!!!!

Where were you 14 years ago today? I was in a hospital emergency room waiting for my sons to arrive. It was called a high risk birth so we were actually in an operating room. There was blood everywhere and frankly it was terrifying.

They arrived, and I’ve been waiting for them ever since.

Today is their 14th years on this planet.

I am so proud of them as people and as teenagers. Happy Birthday boys.

Today is also my father’s birthday. Happy Birthday dad! I believe today is my father’s 27th birthday (for what has to be the 50th time this time)…

Family is everything.


Oh how the time has passed

My Amazon author page!!!!

Putting your job down at 5 pm. I haven’t really learned that skill yet. For me it started as a school teacher working until the early evening hours trying to solve the problems my students were facing. But the reality is it started well before that. My parents and grandparents didn’t stop working just because itw as the end of the day.

There are times I wish I could put things down and walk away. I guess that will come when I retire (I hope).

I have been playing with the new Apple TV device and Airplay. Overall it is quite easy to use, and with full HD output it actually makes the big screen in my office more effective as a TV. I can also use the exceptional airplay utility to connect my IPOD to my Yamaha Stereo and to the apple tv (and project my IPAD stuff to the big screen, really nice when reviewing notes). I will do a review on this stuff eventually.

In just 7 short months Barb and I will have hit some very interesting milestones.

  • 21 years married (in June)
  • 22 years together (that was October 2011) 23 years together  in October 2012
  • Two children that are no longer teenagers (happening for the second child in November)
  • Two children that are in their second year of being teenagers (tomorrow in fact)
  • We have now lived together in four different cities (Bloomington IN, Cincinnati Ohio (actually three cities there as well, Cincinnati proper, Maineville and Fairfield), Greenwood Indiana and now Maryland.

Marriage is something you work at. It isn’t the easiest job you will ever have. But in the end a marriage becomes more than simply creating a family. It becomes a friendship, a partnership and a family. I find that after nearly 21 years of marriage I am still happy to see Barb every day. I

Over those years we’ve come to realize as well, you have good times and bad times. You have good days and bad, but as long as the boat is moving it doesn’t matter what side journey’s you take. Its about the journey, not any one particular stop.

Its been a wonderful ride so far!


Do you remember that day in November (March) when you were born…?

My Amazon author page!!!!

I didn’t upload my fitbit yesterday because I wanted to hit 3.5 million steps. It is my quest. No matter what I am going to complete it my way.  Which should not surprise anyone that knows me. I tend to like to do things my way.

Yesterday I hosted a big event at work. It was really fun to pull it together and then run the event. I did however leave work exhausted. Today I am focused on pricing stuff, less stress but more mental stuff. Its funny how your job flows like that sometimes.

There is a fine balance between hat we need to do and what we are getting done.

On Friday “Da Boys” are 14. It amazes me how much they have grown. Soon they will pack their backpacks for the last time and move out of our house. I am saddened (and joyous) over the thought. Its much closer for the bean – I suspect she will move out in the next 12 to 24 months. I am looking forward to a time again when it is just Barb and I. A chance to return to the things that we enjoyed doing together. But I have to say, our children will always be the greatest thing we did together.

It even feels a little weird to think about it.