The state of Indiana has issues…

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I decided to clean out my basement office area. Its cleaner than it ever was in Greenwood, and I am not actually cleaning the office, simply selling things on ebay that I am no longer using. I find over the years that you collect lots of things that you end up not using after a time. So I am going to clean out the basement.

So if there is anything I have that you are coveting, check ebay it may be for sale.

The state of Indiana says I owe taxes, even though my employer paid them an extra 3000 (tax error on the companies fault that I didn’t catch until January). I find that amazing over all. Over the many years I’ve lived in Indiana I have to say they have the worst tax system. Property taxes were high, income taxes low but the reality of their system is no matter what they take forever.

Of course I am fighting it, they sent a letter with 1/2 of the table filled out, saying I owed taxes. The funny thing is that in the end, their table actually showed me owing 200 dollars. But in the letter is said I owed 3.000 dollars. I sent it back asking them if the tax owed, minus the tax paid was 200, how di I owe them 3000? I suspect they have an issue in their system.

I guess in the long run its good to be out of Indiana. We shall see when it comes time for a full year of Maryland taxes.


interesting random thought day

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Interesting fact, I have more people who are subscribed to my blog than I had actual new readers or people who aren’t subscribed to my blog yesterday. That is the first time that has ever happened (I check every day). I find that an intriguing fact.

Got a great email about my other blog this morning. Regardless of the content – it was nice to hear from a reader. It really makes my day. My mother frequently comments offline about her grandchildren and how they are doing based on my blog (and it is always nice to hear from mom) but there is something to be said for an out of the blue email and in addition one that says nice things to boot.

I’ve decided that my new book will be two fold – volume 5 of the poetry of Sandler Boggs, combined with the philosophy of Mr. Boggs to boot. He has some unique views of the way the world works.

I have to drive down to DC today so I suspect I will be struggling with traffic. To early or to late and you are so screwed no matter what. It never seems to let up this horrible traffic.



I am connected. We are connected. You are connections.

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Conjugate the word connection in the modern world (we used to do that in Spanish class in high school). It is an interesting concept. What does connection mean?

3.4 million steps. What an amazing journey this has been. You never think about how many steps you take to live your life until you start tracking them. I have a number of friends now tracking their steps. Its kind of fun to connect with your friends in ways you didn’t have a chance to before.  I also enjoy walking a lot, it really makes me feel better about where I am and what I am doing.

I have over the years had a number of friends that I enjoyed keeping touch with. When I think about that, I have come to realize how connected our work as become. I lived out of the US in 1972. We actually shipped audio tapes back to the US (and my grandparents shipped audio tapes to us. Now I don’t have to wait or even consider how to connect with my friends, between LinkedIn and Facebook we are always connected.

We are now such a connected world I wonder what that trip of now 40 years ago would look like?

The path to a connected world.

Time to roll.


The last mile

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At the edge

near the water

where the mud

seems to swell for a moment

there is a break

in the clear water

where the mud

seems to swell

mud that flows around



just a foot away from rocks

and stability

it is there

in the last mile

the gasp was






against the mud

and cold


the last mile

succumbs to

the cold

and sleeps

for a moment

just one moment

til the end of time.

Sandler Boggs

The land time forgot

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Happy Saint Patrick’s day to all.

(remember there are two sides to the wearing of the green, you can still be Irish and wear Orange today).

3.35 Million steps as of yesterday.

As far as overall goals – I’ve posted 4 new podcasts this year on my podbean podcast. I have blogged every day but one on both blogs this year to date (76 days into the year 148 blogs).

I watched a couple of the games yesterday afternoon after my walk. (It was a long day). Overall I find myself more interested in the NCAA tournament (IU is in after a short Hiatus) but I am also more interested because it feels like a number of situations will be playing out this year.

Can anyone beat Kentucky? What happened to the one and done lose a scholarship due to graduation issues thing.  Personally I think its not a good rule (one and done). If you come to college you should have to be there for at least 3 years. The university invests a lot of money (and risks losing scholarships that other player who would stay for four years could use).

Other than IU the other team I love to root for is Duke. (Coach K and Coach K were player and coach at Army many years ago and Coach K at Duke said Coach K at Army/Indiana/Texas Tech was his leaping point into Coaching. Coach K also was a grad assistant for coach Knight at IU for two years). Seeing them lose last night was sad.

It also destroyed what was left of my day two bracket.

Oh well.


If you can’t say something nice, wait that might actually be the problem…

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Over the past 12 months I have read about a number of employers who have terminated their relationship with people because of Facebook posts, tweets and blogs. I understand why that is the case, the world of publicity no longer follows the old rule (any publicity is better than no publicity). Today companies are very worried about the impression people have of both what they produce, and their customer service.

I wonder about that. Not that its wrong, people should care deeply about their reputation but the reality of the world is you can learn as much from negative posts as you ever will from positive glowing reviews. I ran a magazine for a teaching society in the early 1990’s. We published reviews and I have published my personal reviews as well on my blog since then. When we (Martin Dow and I) were doing the magazine we would make sure that every single product we were sent was in fact reviewed. Good or bad we reviewed every product that was shared with us. I had people write letters to the editor about the fact that they learned more in the reviews of bad products than the good ones. You see a good review lives in the world of the reviewer not the user that is reading the review. You have to find reviewers who have similar styles to you for the review to be of value.

Now, since I am not getting free stuff anymore, I review only things that I like. If you see me carrying something and I haven’t reviewed it, then I suspect you would find me saying it really wasn’t good. I wonder about that, because I link that back to what companies are doing. They don’t want the negative messaging 0out there. I wonder about that. In fact I wonder if I should change my review policy and just review everything including the restaurants (I used to be the restaurant reviewer for Bloomington Indiana’s City Beat until it went out of business). Shouldn’t I be honest instead of only reviewing things I like? For example I got an android phone. My nephew, whom I think is quite brilliant, recommended it to me while I was still working for the Evil Empire (does that count as a review?). I was a heavy user of Windows Phone (both personally heavy and I only used windows phones) but when I left Microsoft I tried one. Without doubt the best screen I have ever had on a phone. But everything else about the phone was not as good as either the IPhone or the Windows Phone 7. So while I played with it I never really did a full review of it.

So my five all time favorite places:

  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • Kuala Lumpor
  • Bangkok
  • London

Five Places I really don’t like all that much:

  • Lexington Kentucky
  • Detroit Michigan
  • Paris
  • Minneapolis Minnesota
  • Seattle Washington

Its only fair to review both what you like and what you hate. Now for all those companies that don’t listen to their employees and end up firing them because they had something to say and no where to say it, to bad for you. In the end by stifling the voices of people who care enough to have opinions that are different than the company line you weaken the company line.

We all operate from a mixed bad – what we do with that information shows the kind of person we are (or may become).


I am not the rock

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The chatter flows around me

as if I was a rock

in a stream

impeding the flow of water

that fresh

(and cold)

flows from the mountain

fresh from melting snow and

the crude image of

waking bears

releasing months of urine

into the snow

that melting

flows down

to strike the rock

that I am


and cold water


and disgusting


to flow around me

as though

as the rock

I am the problem

not the hibernating



that flows

discoloring the water

the strong odor of sleep

and time

wrapped in water container

the blue

mixed with cold

hitting the rock

that meant no harm.

Sandler Boggs