Bring on the noise

It comes on tiny feet

like mice

you see them

realize they are there

but they have been there

probably always were there

scurrying about on tiny feet

their eyes watching you

a black hole for noise

nothing escapes

until the cat

seeing its mistake

seeing its value decrease

lunges across the floor


leave a trail of blood

as it

drops the

mouse body at your feet

and smiles

as only cats can

reject this gift the smile says

it will be the last.

And the noise returns

more than silence

and pounding.



What the cat saw the mouse feared, but what did the cat fear

The path was long and winding and led to a cemetery

where the dead cat was know to swing

(not by a rope rather for a band)

swaying with the music

tiny cat feet

marking cat time

the long rope laying at its side

coiled as a serpent

with a head and

dark black eyes that stared

as though you were not there

its tongue flickering about in the air

but the cat didn’t seem to care

twirling Tom Sawyer in the air

and laughing (as only cats can laugh)

at Huck Finn’s jokes

about apples and

picket fences

It was what the cat saw

but did the cat fear?