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I am trapped in a series of literary quotes and I cannot get out. Please send help!

From the time I was 13 years old I have wanted to be a writer. I don’t know why I just started feeling that and it never went away. The thinking creation process of writing has always intrigued me.

I love quotes because of that. I have over the years stored quotes for the various things that come up in life. A few of them I have blogged as Sandler Boggs because they fit so perfectly but I couldn’t use them as a quote because no one had said them yet. Someone has to come up with the pity statements that leap from greeting cards to common vernacular.

The other side of being a writer is that language is your tool. As such you (ok I) can be a stickler for the meanings of words.

We went to the Pacifica Grill Saturday night. In every city Barb and I have lived we have always had a favorite Chinese restaurant. It is kind of a tradition of ours that we have a favorite place close by. In fact I think the only time we didn’t really have a favorite was when we lived in Maineville Ohio. But I was working two jobs then and poor Barb was pregnant with “the bean.” We had one in Western Hills, we had one in Mount Airy, we had one in Greenwood and now I think we have one in Maryland.

Not sure why that was relevant to share, but too late now.