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Recent uptick in sales both for the Syncverse and Transitional Services, why I do not know. Cool though.

I have decided effective yesterday that I will not post rude, threatening or personal attacks as comments on my blog any longer. So if you post one I will send you an email and ask you to rewrite it as an attack on the idea’s expressed in my blog. For the one personal attack I made noting that the demeanor of Mitt Romney reminded me of a few bosses I didn’t like over the years, I apologize. That was uncalled for and not a nice way to handle what I wanted to say.

So, if you get an email from me about a comment, feel free to repost your thoughts about my ideas. I welcome any and all conversations. I signed a loyalty oath to this country when I joined the Monroe County Community School System. I stand by that oath.

Went for a walk to clear my head yesterday. I have to say it was refreshing. Dylan and I both got wet although not as wet as the two boys did. In their words “we started walking home and a deluge came down.” “We had to take shelter.” Luke said. I can’t help thinking that somehow the two of them read to much Smile.

Anyway, long day ahead. Time to get rolling!


My Amazon author page!!!!

Yesterday was an awesome day. We drove over near Baltimore and hiked in a state park. Dylan loved the combined day of RIDE RIDE RIDE followed by WALK WALK WALK and of course a sandwich he got with his new favorite food (BACON). We ended up walking about 5 miles including a wonderful trip through the salt flats that are a part of the trail. Overall – a great day. Took a long time to get there you almost arrive in Baltimore before you turn North towards Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Today I am upgrading the two house macs. Later on this year I will have to upgrade a bunch of computers to windows 8 but overall I have to say the Apple model is so easy to use and ultimately work with. Buy once and upgrade away. Plus the apple hardware is put together like a BMW – well built and solid (its what I love about Mini-coopers well built and solid, plus a heck of a lot of fun to drive)

I need to pull pictures from our last two family events onto the network and eventually post just haven’t had the time. Too many things going on right now for me to be able to get things done.

Next week I am as I said yesterday traveling again for one day. Flying to Indy to speak at Purdue and then flying home. Seems strange after all those years (twice) in Indiana to again call somewhere else home. I lived in Indiana from 1966 to 71, 72 to 91 and then finally from 1999 to 2011. When you think about how many different places you live in your life it really starts to add up. I’ve now live in four cities with my still blushing bride. We’ve lived in Bloomington, Cincinnati (really two cities there but I won’t count suburbs), Greenwood and finally Gaithersburg. Before marriage stuck (my first one kind of unraveled for a lot of reasons so I always say it didn’t stick).s I also lived in Bangkok Thailand, Bloomington and my personal favorite city Chicago.

Time changes everything.


Today, wait is it today yet?
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Internet funding the Kickstarter story.  It is an interesting story to me. I am a huge proponent of what is to come (or what may yet be) so Kickstarter is intriguing to me. You can bet on what you think will take off. I was one of the first few people to jump on the Pebble Watch – it is now well funded and underway for this fall.

There are a number of intriguing solutions that are out there on Kickstarter now, both hardware and software. Solutions  that solve point to time realities.

Now I don’t claim to have a crystal ball just a peaked interest in certain technologies. It has been something I’ve been interested in for years, but now can dabble. Who knows, the next big thing may be just waiting for the right people to get engaged so that they can release that new thing upon the world around us.

Or not.

Kickstarter is a great to indulge your “future self.” Of course who knows what they may have on there next!


Internet funding and what may yet be…
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Yesterday the boys, Dylan and I went for a walk. Its becoming a habit and frankly I have to say I enjoy the process. My mother used to say that with each passing milestone your kids got to be more fun (well that’s not exactly what she said but as she often says “its my memory.”). Loosely she said that watching and participating in your children growing up ends up being quite fun.

I have a new gambling habit. It’s less about giving money to a casino, more about betting on technology futures. The web funding organization Kickstarter has a growing number of projects that I find interesting. So you bet on the reality of what the projects are doing by agreeing to fund them to a certain level. If it doesn’t work out, you lose your money. But if it does work out you get in on the ground floor of exciting new technologies. The Pebble Watch is a great example of what this can actually do They raised ten times the amount of money they were shooting for in roughly 1/4 the time.

The concept of crowdsourcing carried to funding. Its intriguing and the projects are interesting views of what may yet be so in the end its not really gambling, its more hedging the future.


More on active words…
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Interestingly I have one computer (work) that does not have active words on it. I noticed that yesterday as I was working on a document and the system didn’t auto correct my spelling errors. In many cases as long as you are “in the word” ballpark AW will catch your misspellings and correct them on the fly. I didn’t realize just how much of an impact that feature had until I was typing along yesterday and looked at the red lines under all the words.

I suspect I could become a better speller although at this point I doubt that. AW remains an effective tool for improving those skills without actually having to have those skills. I do also like the new icon and the spelling ribbon that it creates. As I type the words appear above in the AW window blue against a white background, large enough that I can easily see them.

Now I have to figure out how to get AW on my work laptop without violating the internal application security policies.

The other value that I didn’t mention in my review earlier this week is of course the prompting. AW watches how you use your computer and then prompts you to create quick commands that you can use/leverage to reduce the number of keystrokes required to solve a specific problem or in my case launch specific tools while working or specific web sites I often hit to research cloud news.

I am addicted to AW!


Another Shameless Review–Active Words 2.0
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I started using AW or Active Words about five years ago. I bought a netbook at the time and frankly AW was the best tool for becoming more productive quickly. By simply entering a word into your command window on the AW menu bar you could easily and quickly get up to speed. I stored my word base out on my SkyDrive for a long time. The other side of AW? Buy one personal license and have it on all your computers. I recently upgraded to version 2.0.

Improvements in the product (from 1.x to 2.0_

  • I love the new menu icon rather than the menu bar (and there is of course the option to bring up my old favorite menu bar – which makes entering in lots of commands very quick and easy – but I am going to try and use it the new way for a week and see how that goes).
  • F8 takes you to the universe (you can select a word, hit F8 and well it depends on what you have setup at that point but anything can and could happen based on what you set up)
  • One License on all my PC’s
  • It detects that you in fact have the older version installs and upgrades all their commands.
  • They now support the 64 version of Outlook
  • The old 32 bit “pad” that never loaded on any of my computers because I don’t have 32 bit computers is gone.
  • It is still only 49 bucks which I find amazing.

What I really Like about AW

Saving my time:

  • So I save time with AW, lots of time. Let me give you three use cases that I use AW for that save me tons of time. I research Cloud Computing topics every morning. With AW I have automated a ton of the sites so I simply type in a single word. Now I simply can place the words in a word document and hit f8. Which come to think of it is an even greater time saving.
    • Use case one: Make research easier
    • Use Case two: I am a horrible speller, but AW makes me almost smart by catching the vast majority of the common misspellings of words for me without my having to think about it, or to right click the word in whatever program I am using and change it manually.
    • Use Case Three: I write blogs and books and poems and well a lot of stuff. AW helps me produce text and other command short cuts that allow me to save time while writing.

Look and feel:

  • The new menu icon on the screen rather than the menu bar!!!!!
  • Larger text on the screen while I type (and AW spell checks). I should probably write to AW and ask them if there is an additional charge from them for every 1000 misspelled words. I might owe them money, already.

Active Words remains one of my top applications. How can you tell?

  • I have it on all the computers I use
  • I just bought a new computer and it is on my new computer, already
  • I wish there was a Macintosh version.

Active Words is the best productivity tool that I use other than Dragon Naturally speaking. Actually when I think about it Active Words beats out dragon because I use it every hour I am on the computer.

To the team at Active Words – you guys did a great job on this upgrade!!!!!

Father’s day recap!

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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. What about Monday’s that are rainy? Actually working a long week this week, but for some reason I am actually looking forward to it.

Rain on the other hand I do mind a bit. I have an umbrella in my bag but I forget it is there so I end up walking to the car in the rain and then remembering that I have the freaking umbrella.

My dad used to sing the song “Rain Rain go away come again some other day.” while I love the though the reality I’ve learned is that pushing off the bad stuff often results in the bad stuff catching up on the wrong day. So for now, I can live with rain and Monday.

Father’s day was relaxing the boys and I (with the D) took a nice walk around the neighborhood. D found a couple of rabbits so of course he was pulling for part of the walk (say 1/3 of the time). I suspect that obedience training will take care of that.

The bean called yesterday and wished me a happy father’s day and I collected hugs from both boys (one at home, one in public). We ended up going out to the Star Diner here in the Kentland’s for the father’s day lunch. The food was not as good as it was the last time we went, and the service was average, but I had fun on father’s day with my family. All in all a good father’s day.