Commencement speech coming up…

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A passage back to the place I was before. The only poem I ever sold for money (cash the definition of a professional writer was the poem “seven days journey in an open boat in search of the sun”) I’ve had poems published but always for author’s copies. I am not sure why that came up today. But its in my head for some reason.

I am giving a commencement speech next week. I keep struggling with talking to 18 year olds about the world that is coming. I can easily tell them about what was.  I could use the line from Welcome back Kotter “what will be was, but will be again.” Or I could come at it from the William Faulkner angle (life is a tale told by an idiot).

Who knows what lies ahead. It is the mystery of what will be that makes life so intriguing and scary at the same time. We embark on a journey without course or map and hope that journey takes us near to where we believe we were heading in the first place. The world is a dark cave and education the torch that gets us a little light to see what is directly around us. Life teaches us to eventually realize that the cave may have lights and so in looking for the switch we can illuminate so much more than just the torch can illuminate.

Bound on a journey that begins and ends without our consent.

For the next few days I will be thinking through some thoughts for the speech – I have until Tuesday at 7 pm to finalize it.