and yet of what form?

You reach with me

or rather you reach

I reach

but the gulf of Siam is broad

and we find sand

in our toes

that gives no grip

I look both left and right


this cannot be

for it was not once before

and now is

but can it be?

The gulf of Siam

warm waters that invite

two peninsulas

seeking a connection

but they do not touch

the water warm between them

limits contact

limits communication



we reach

but the water is too wide.



upon losing your way

It is a step

single or multiple?

your footing unsure

slipping you

grasp at a tree branch

but it slaps you across the face

stung you lean into the fall

launching away form the side of the mountain

you preform a swan dive


you twist in the breeze

you feet struggling to gain purchase

as you tumble heels over head

bouncing downward

until slowly

the words “I’m sorry”

slip across your parched lips

and free

they fly upward towards the sun

heliotrope words

with a meaning lost

your tumbling stops

a broken body

at the bottom of a lost conversation.