Another day in Paradise

My Amazon author page!!!!

There is something (see my review of yesterday) exhilarating about driving around with the top down. Nick and I went for a little ride last night after dinner. He had a blast. Wind in our hair, blowing down the highway, cranking the tunes. I felt like I was 18 again. Until I got out of the car and my back wouldn’t bend. Then I felt every bit of not 18 again.

The good news is we upgraded to a tempurpedic bed that is supposed to be really good for tossing and turning as well as early morning back pain. I will post a review later once we have it and I can test it personally.

Our moving truck arrived yesterday – my amazing wife spent the entire day with the crew unpacking the truck. She wasn’t allowed to unpack anything but had to spend the day helping/organization the workers. She is simply an amazing project manager and I am glad she is on our team (team Andersen!!!).

We found a Greek restaurant yesterday (our favorite Indiana Greek place is the Trojan Horse in Bloomington Indiana. If you are ever in Indiana and want the best Gyro or Humus, The Trojan Horse is simply amazing).

Time to get rolling for work this morning.