The end of football, the world and sadly my birthday

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Over the past five or so years my birthday has taken a beating. Apparently a few hundred years ago when the Mayan’s were finalizing their calendar they felt it would be a good stopping point. So, December 21, 2012 is the end of the world (and my birthday). Now I was born on my parents wedding anniversary so I suspect in fact it ruins that day as well, but for now let’s focus on my birthday. There are advantages of having your birthday near Christmas (you can get one larger present etc). But now there is this looming “end of the world thing” hanging over the day.

Personally I believe that what actually happened to the Mayan calendar is that they were finishing the bad boy up when they had an NFL style labor dispute and before they were done, the workers all walked off the job. The managers could have finished the gig – but in those days the only thing a worker owned was his tools, so those walked with the workers. This resulted in an unfinished calendar and rather than admit they couldn’t solve the labor issue. So that became the end of the world, my birthday.

I suspect I am a little bitter about that.

But then, I am a little bitter about the whole NFL labor dispute as well. It probably impacts me more than the end of the world does, that is still over a year away. The NFL labor dispute is more “near term.” Although it would be a fitting end to the Super Bowl that the first and last champion came from Title Town Wisconsin. Perhaps in truth the NFL doesn’t wish to be associated with the end of the world coming soon, and wished instead to be remembered for the wonder of the 40+ Super Bowls that have been. Rather sadly than the one that would be cancelled post the end of the world in 2013. Who knows anymore. It just makes me sad that they are fighting like that.