Another Shameless review Windows Phone 7 (my amazon author’s page)

Review, Windows Phone 7

Dell Venue Pro

I got a chance to try out (for a few days) a second Windows Phone 7 device, this one being the Dell Venue Pro.


Five nice things Dell Venue Pro

  • Keyboard is a nice touch
  • The device has “weight”
  • The screen is very responsive to finger touch
  • pogo sketch works with the Windows Phone 7 (which is nice for some things)
  • Device seems to have a larger antenna than the HD7, gets better overall phone reception in the basement than the HD7 (which was about the same as the HD2 – and that was a huge improvement over both WM6 and WM5 so things are moving in the right direction)

So far the device is nice. Its kind of cool that some of your applications are tied to your account, not your specific device. Some of my marketplace stuff moved over to the new phone automatically. I don’t plan on using this phone forever but it was a nice thing. Finding a case is a little harder, but I have two cases that work for all three phones I have right now so that is cool.

So far I have to say the Windows Phone 7 devices are great!!!!!


Things I like more about Zune than ITunes

  • updates are easier with Zune
  • I love having all my music easily accessed
  • Finding podcasts is easier
  • Applications are easier

Still weaker for Audible books and I don’t have my Windows Phone 7 Kindle reader but things are still moving forward!