As 2014 nears its (welcomed) and inevitable end there are a few housekeeping things to consider…

Next week I am going to resume picture blogs. I am trying to balance my backlog of blog topics. I have two different picture topics. Pictures we’ve taken over the years (mixed in with places i have traveled to) and old photos either Barb took or my father, and now adding in Joan Ralstin’s old photographs.

Beyond that I want to get back into my Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. I am adding a new concept of projects I wonder about. Not good wonder but projects that I think have missed their market or worse have identified the wrong market. I will continue to post projects that I am excited about and also adding now ones that make me nervous (promise too much or promise something that just doesn’t feel right.).

Then there are the occasional family event posts that I need to get back to doing and my reviews. I have a number of reviews that I have considered writing that were never posted. I am open to suggestions and additions

Last year in review blog for 2014 is coming next week probably new years eve or at least around that time. This has been an interesting year and frankly I am happy to nearly see 2014 in the rear view mirror.

To all my readers I wish a happy holidays and the best possible start to the new year coming. To everyone that commented and provided email feedback I thank you as well – your comments, emails and phone conversations are why I blog!

scott andersen
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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

I had the fortune (or misfortune) of being born 4 days before christmas so sometimes the whirlwind that is this time of year passes me by far to quickly.

This year is also tough, it is the first year without my dad.

Mom was always the one that loved Christmas. Mom and dad got married 4 days before Christmas and frankly mom always made Christmas a huge family event.

This year was no different.

We gathered together and celebrated the day as a family. It was a magical day that was filled with laughter and memories.

My grandfather loved Christmas (as did my Grandmother Johnston). They always had a beautiful (perfect) tree to celebrate. Wisconsin always had snow at Christmas, the ground white with the perfection.

Years ago we would follow the routine of one gift opened Christmas Eve and the rest opened on Christmas day. There are fewer pictures of the older years but since the digital world I’ve taken pictures of videos of the entire process.

As a parent I can say you derive great joy from watching your children open the gifts that have been picked for them.

scott andersen
iasa fellow

Winding down 2011, tomorrow the year in review!

My Amazon author page!!!!

From beginning to end.

I have come over the past few years to realize that I am a stats guy. I love the concepts of statistics and how numbers, people and theories come together. It is an interesting concept that continues to expand outward from where we are to where we may be.

The evolution of a theory is the one thing that intrigues me the most. First of all, someone has to think of things differently. You can’t think of the problems as the same as they always have been when building a new theory. Second there is a paradigm shift that has to be recognized. Sometimes we struggle with the reality of the shift and forget the new concept.

From the beginning of a concept to the instantiation of a theory it is an interesting journey.

There are negative and positive theories. A negative theory is a view of a current system or solution and assuming or talking about its failure points. A positive theory is closer to the blue ocean theory view. Where the solution is something net new. You have to have both types of theories although most people like the negative as it is easier to generate (easier to make fun of new ideas than to have one yourself).

Movie day – we are going to Sherlock Holmes. I am looking forward to that. Sitting with my sons and lovely bride and enjoying a movie. The bean has to work today.  Although last night she made the most amazing Chicken Soup with rice for dinner. It was truly amazing soup.


soon the big day arrives…

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An interesting problem –

For some reason this morning Java decided that it didn’t like my printer. I can live with that. They really haven’t been on speaking terms for a long time. But suddenly they aren’t talking at all. Which I guess in the long run may be somewhat of a problem. There are a number of Internet applications that leverage variations of Java for printing services. The inability to communicate between the two is an issue that I have to fix, when I have time of course.

I ended up fixing it by upgrading my Java stack which bothers me.

Tomorrow is the first thanksgiving in more than 20 years that I won’t be cooking anything. My beloved wife, whose favorite line has to be “I wonder what my husband is making for dinner” will be making the turkey. Lukas will be making the side dishes. I can’t say how happy I am not to have to worry about preparing the food.


Friday night lights (dinner with the kids)

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We have always had a Chinese restaurant in every place we have lived (other than Western Hill’s in Cincinnati we had to drive to the place we liked there) that was close enough to have food quickly delivered on a Friday or Saturday night. Last night we tried a place and frankly it was good. Not great but good Chinese food that was close to the house and they deliver.

I don’t know why that particular ritual is so important but it is. The entire family is bound up in that restaurant. The cool thing is now the kids try all sorts of different  foods and the conversation at dinner was fantastic. Years ago I used to dread taking the kids out to dinner (due to table manners of children etc) but last night I realized for the third week in a row that it really is quite fun to go out to dinner with the kids now.

My folks used take us out for Friday dinner (Ivanhoe Pizza which when I think about it now was a bit bizarre. Ivanhoe was a knight in the crusade so why would he be a fan of pizza?) I understand why my folks would do that now – it can be a lot of fun.


A game of thrones

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For some reason the past couple of days traffic has been worse than normal. I can’t wait for the mess that will be post the first real snow. That should be a lot of fun – when it takes an hour to go a mile you know things are well, messed up a little traffic wise.

9 blogs to go.

I picked up some poison oak/poison ivy on my Sunday walk. Its itchy and driving me nuts. It isn’t as itchy now as it was two days ago but it is still bugging me a bit.

I am not sure where on the walk that happened – I mostly walk through a neighborhood but it did. I guess I need to be more careful going forward.

I’ve been listening to the game of thrones on my ipod lately – it’s a very good book (or sets of books). I really enjoy listening to it, although it tends to slow me down about 45 seconds per mile. I have been trying for 16 minute miles while listening to music, which is fairly easy and I can accomplish that goal. When I listen to audio books I struggled to stay around 17 minute miles. So it does make a difference.


I just don’t understand

My Amazon author page!!!!

I don’t understand.

I guess I never will.

I was thinking about interesting phone solutions yesterday. Writing up a cloud blog on the mobile device as a platform for cloud solutions. I was thinking about the ease of use and functional boundary. What I didn’t consider until this morning is the functional boundary represented by generations and physical locations. In the mountains of Nepal I would suspect cellular service is spotty. Which leads to an interesting conundrum when you consider it.

If that intrigues you, tune into my other blog

There are times in a room full of people when no amount of human contact makes you feel anything but alone. Why is that?