5 devices to rule the world




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So my driveway is white this morning. Do I get up and shovel the drive or do I wait for my buddy Jeff and his plow? I think, based on the fact that it is 23 degrees outside I am waiting for my buddy Jeff. I love the picture of snow out of my window but I hate the reality of snow on the roads and my driveway. I guess I am of “two-minds” when it comes to snow.

Five devices I love (updated list)

  1. HTC HD7
  2. XBOX 360 + Kinect
  3. Kindle
  4. Asus Laptop (either the laptop or the netbook both rock)
  5. Logitech Squeezebox

I find this list changes frequently now. Windows Phone 7 is rapidly becoming the most favorite device for the longest time at the number 1 slot. However the Kinect stuff is catching up. I am fairly certain that the other devices will catch up over time however. Asus has really come a long way as a computer maker. They used to be on the lower end of the spectrum but now have great PC’s at both ends. I love my little multi-touch laptop and I love my big media laptop. So congrats to Asus for improving their product lines.

The kindle has been featured on my list as has the Squeezebox a couple of times.


Anyway time to get rolling for the day…