Catch-up, wrap-up and plan for 2012

My Amazon author page!!!!

2.3 million steps year to date. I don’t think I will make 2.5 million by the end of the year but I am well on the way to my goal of 3 million steps! Got two podcasts up a month late, and will try again to post the new Fred and Ed story for those of you who follow along at home. The irony of me having told my students stories about twins more than 20 years ago and to have twins now is not lost on me.

Today is catch up and rest day, although based on my fitbit week I’ve probably rested enough for the week. However, long walks are very relaxing and help me get focused so that will help in the short run!

Its also get your crap updated, backed up and all around technology focus day. I have been working on my double backup system for awhile now (home server which remains a rock star and Carbonite for the critical stuff). I should have the full system operational in about a month with the critical systems in the house backed up at least twice.

I missed 5 blogs for all of 2011, that seems pretty good. For the next few days I am going to do reviews and fun things I got for chirstimas as well as posting a couple of interesting pictures from the week of Christmas.

Time to get rolling on the day!


The long and winding road…

My Amazon author page!!!!

What will be was but will be again.

History repeating itself like a summer rerun. Yes the show was funny he first time, but the second time, not as much. Time is a funny thing. If you do something long enough and enough times, eventually it will work. The law of change over time I will call it. You can’t keep pushing the elevator button to make the elevator come faster, until the one time you can in fact do that.

Scott’s new rule – if you do something enough times I will catch on that you are doing it. I am a bit slow, but I am not completely clueless.

I saw the most beautiful scene today, the sun rising and the light streaming through a pine tree at the end of a street. It was quite breathtaking in its beauty. It seems strange that I can perceive beauty like that but I can’t capture it with a camera. That line from Amadeus haunts me some 30 years after the first time I heard it (why my god have you cursed me with the ears to hear your voice but not the voice to sing it?)

Time to get rolling – its amazing that no matter how early you start your day you are always behind. Or maybe that is just me.