Garage cleaning day so its blog cleaning day as well

Nearing 1500 blog posts. Smile

Three books from my blog Smile

An Architecture Home Companion (available on the Kindle)

Transitional Services (nearing publication)

Syncverse (in process)

The ghost of Sandler Boggs has returned – I don’t know about the rest of you but I haven’t seen that guy in nearly 30 years.

Starting to clean out my office (a daunting task) and have tons of stuff on eBay if you are interested in participating in the virtual garage sale!

More than 2700 downloads of my external podcast ( with two poetry readings and a Fred and Ed story added this month.

Kinect comes out this Thursday and I am super excited. My kids are more excited but that is to be expected!

Fable III is out – all three kids love that series for some strange reason (although the boys like Halo Reach more right now).

Windows Phone 7 is but a week away and frankly that is the most exciting phone launch yet (for me). That is a game changer!!!!!

Anyway – I need to head up to the garage and start cleaning.