Wander project Annapolis

Today begins with an image of Forlorn. Raven has a gift for looking like every sling and arrow pierces her heart. The brown eyes though are the worst part. When she turns those big sad brown eyes on you, all is lost. Well, all is lost for me. The four dogs that live with us now know me as the biggest soft touch. I always share what is left on my plate with the dogs. Each of them getting a turn to enjoy a little people food.

Based on dietary changes, the amount of people food on my plate has decreased radically in the past three years. I guess such is the way things go as you age. You eat less so that you don’t gain more! Anyway, the rest of the images for today are of boating on the Bay in and around Annapolis Maryland. The dogs come with us boating from time to time. Not every time, as that would disrupt their naps.

We were mesmerized by the paddle boarder and the dog. The dog, standing with its master on the paddle board did an amazing job. In part, because if you rock the paddle board, everyone gets wet. In part because the dog had obviously learned how to work with its master on the Paddle Board. From our marina to the Bay you cruise for a little bit at very low speeds to get to the open water. The paddle boarder and dog were in the area before the open water where everyone goes slow!


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Wander project Annapolis MD

There are some rules you have to be aware of in boating on a large body of water. Boats, unlike cars, have lanes, but not always. Coming in and out of Annapolis via water there are lanes (always remember Red right return when you are coming into a marina or harbor area).  Once you are out into the Bay itself or any large body of water, there aren’t specific rules as to where you re supported to be (right side of the road or left side). Instead, there are common courtesy rules.

Powerboats give way to sailboats under sail. Sailboats under power are power boats and also have to give way to sailboats under sail. There are many rules like that as you head out to open water. Some of the rules are pretty simple. Don’t run right next to someone. I think that is an aggression issue that many drivers of cars should also try and consider. Don’t make people nervous about the way you drive.

With a boat, because you can’t turn as quickly there is the concept of show your intentions. If two boats are coming towards each other in open water situations, one should show deference to the other. IT doesn’t matter who, and honestly, most boaters will both show deference. One turning slight to the port, the other turning slightly to the starboard to avoid a problem. The goal of boating is to have fun! It is fun, so relax and let other people have fun as well!


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Wander project Indianapolis and Graduation!

Today, finishing up the graduation pictures of my wife. IUPUI is located on the west side of Indianapolis Indiana. Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana (once upon a time the Capital was in Corydon right along the Ohio River, but it had moved to Indianapolis more than 100 years ago). Indianapolis is almost the center of the state of Indiana and also is the center of a vast network of highways including US 70 (that stretches all the way to Maryland) and US 40.


US 40 is called the old National Highway. It once stretched from sea to sea. Although if you believe the song America the Beautiful, the seas were shining (From sea to shining sea). There are some things to see in downtown Indy. On the south side of the city itself sits Lucas Field (Home of the NFL team the Indianapolis Colts) and Market Square Area (home of the NBA Indianapolis Pacers). Near Lucas field is the beautiful baseball stadium. The baseball team is a Triple AAA team. For many years affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds.

Finally, there is, on the west side of Indianapolis a town that isn’t part of Indianapolis but it is part of Indianapolis. Know as Speedway Indiana; the town is home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The IMS is an iconic raceway once home to a US Formula One race, but still home to the Brickyard 500 a US Stock Car race (NASCAR) and the iconic Indianapolis 500. Every year on Memorial Day 300,000 people gather to watch “The greatest spectacle in Motor Racing!”


IMS Fan!

Wander project Indianapolis.

Author’s Note:

  • It is not how far you wander.
  • It is not that you always wander home.
  • It is always who you wander with.

Today we wander to Indianapolis Indiana proper, near the campus of Indiana University/Purdue University or more commonly called IUPUI. That was where my wife graduated from the School Social Work with her Masters in Social Work. My wife is one of the rare people that took ten years to finish her bachelor’s. Life intervened as it is wont to do. But she stuck with her goal of finishing a degree. Then it was off to Cincinnati Ohio with me to start her career.

She realized fairly early on in her business career that she wasn’t happy as a business person. We worked hard for a couple of years as a couple trying to help her find a way to live with or even tolerate being in the business world but it wasn’t her style. We decided the best course of action was for her to come home and take care of the kids. When she first came home it was the girls at home. Then the boys came after she had been home for a year and we moved from Cincinnati Ohio to Greenwood Indiana.

It was when the boys were five or six years old that my wife again began to have the itch to study. To become or achieve her lifelong goal of being in the helping professions. She wasn’t sure which of the helping she wanted to pursue, her dream was to be a social worker and help people. As her parents struggled with their last years and the issues facing elder Americans, my wife finally concluded that she wanted to focus on helping people in the last stages of their life. When we moved to Maryland, she had a degree nearly done, and now was becoming a Hospice Social Worker. I cannot tell you how proud all of us were. The images shared today come from her graduation.


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Wander project Boyd’s Maryland

There is a wonderful park near our house where we go often. The first part of the park is one I have shared several times, a wonderful dog park. The other part of the park is a wond3erful walk around ½ the lake. The trail does not go around the whole lake. If you look at a map, the trail goes around the lake. If you wander in reality (and sadly we tried), it sadly does not go anywhere near around the lake. The trail makes it about ¾ the way around the lake.

Then you end up in a subdivision. That becomes another subdivision, and well you get the idea. We ended up being just off the road that is just off the road we live on, even though we drove 8 miles away to the dog park as a starting point. It was a fun family outing, that should have worked. This was based on my reading the topo map of that area. The lake is ½ commercial and ½ public park. I guess you have to learn to read the maps put out by every state you live in.

Sadly I did not understand that in Maryland public property that proposed and actual walking trails are the same. In the case of a subdivision or private property, the community walk areas are all proposed, and some of them are never finished. We never made the full loop around the lake. My daughter had to come and get us, and drive us back to our car. It was a life lesson I suspect for me, less reliance on technology and more paying attention to the rules of mapping!


I can read a map. I just can’t tell when things are real.

Wander project Greenwood IN.

Snow, the particles, no not particles, the frozen water falling from the sky. Enough falling then, to cover the ground. I have run to warm pictures for the past few days, but now all is lost. This morning awakening to 2 degrees. Temperatures that can be measured on one d are uncomfortable. Today I am embracing snow (well I am not going outside and hugging the snow currently in the yard, rather I am embracing and accepting the concept of snow.).

This snow is from 2004 in Greenwood Indiana. There was a time when I traveled all over the world, that snow was a huge obstacle. In part because I had to shovel the driveway before I could get the car out of the garage. Then I had to drive to the airport. Many days I was the only person on the road, arriving on time, only to find my flight delayed two, three or four hours. One bad weather day, we spent 5 hours on the plane on the Tarmac. It was due to thunderstorms, but you get the idea.

Snow is the enemy of productivity. It calls to you, its siren song of let’s play. Let’s sled, let’s be eight years old again. The problem is the last time I went sledding my back hurt for a month afterward.

I wonder if snow is the universe’s answer to the question what can go wrong will. Snow being the what did go wrong, the worst case scenario. Yes, it lies in beauty on the ground. Covering the scars of the world that were there before. But it is not a peaceful beauty. It is a loud beauty that ever changes all around.

Author’s Note: There has to be a compromise position here. It is beautiful to watch the snow fall. It is a pain to get it off the driveway after it has fallen. Perhaps we could design snow that doesn’t fall on the driveway?


I love snow falling, not snow shoveling

wander project (Hawaii)

One of the always fun parts of a Cruise for me is the day at sea. You may, if you’ve read a few of my posts, know that being on the water is important to me. I love being on the water. It comes from my mother and father who loved being on the water. It also comes from my mother’s parents and my father’s parents who were often around, near or in the water as well. My mother’s parents lived on the shores of Lake Ripley near Cambridge Wisconsin when I was a little kid.

Water is important. As part as well of the family history project sharing the pictures is also important. There are so many pictures we’ve collected as a family. Moving them into the digital world makes some of them easier to share. Some are far too large for the sites I use, but some can still be shared. Moments of yesterday that wander across your screen. Today, the Pacific Ocean and part of the Norwegian Cruise ship we were on as we cruised between the Hawaiian Islands.

(As is the operative word, we also cruised on the various islands, but that cruising was via car). It was a wonderful experience, other than the average food. Plus the cabin crew that took care of our rooms was beyond amazing!

The goal of today’s post is for me to be able to set sail form the cold and remember when it was hot enough to sweat outside. Currently sweating outside is a bad idea, it freezes to you, and becomes uncomfortable very quickly. Plus you look funny with all that water frozen to you.