t-minus one hour and I am not ready



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Need to leave the house in 60 minutes. I am not ready. I have to get packed, shower, do my blog and finish up some work stuff and at this rate I am never going to get done. I made a rule 10 years ago that I could never leave the house with a full mailbox (other than vacations) as it builds up so fast you can’t get caught up until you suck up personal time to clean up your inbox. So, I am cleaning out my inbox this am – and for awhile mail was pouring in faster than I could bail. Seems to be under control now – but I suspect it won’t be in about 30 minutes.

Somehow I suspect I will have to add something to my Syncverse plan around throttling data and when that data needs to be throttled.

Will try to post a blog tomorrow from Germany.


As always, best to all and thanks for reading.