Taking care of your health




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I did a bad thing last night. I ate smothered fries. Not sure why suddenly my diet and workout system went out the windows but it did. The smothered fries were good, but frankly world hunger is still here and we are no closer to world peace, so I suspect in the long run it was a really bad idea.

For most of my life I have celebrated with food. I am not sure why that is the case. I suspect that if I wanted to root around in my psyche I could find the answer but for now it is something I have to think about.

The first step towards change is acknowledge you have a problem. Smile

Now of course I have to change the problem.

It was a fantastic day for a walk yesterday. I really enjoyed being outdoors and walking for 2 hours. There are good days and bad days when it comes to walking, days when you are dragging and days when you are drag racing. Yesterday was a drag racing day – I felt really good the entire walk.

For the second week according to fitbit I am at 100% of the steps for a week with two days to do. I really enjoy hitting that mark! My next goal is to get my heavy activity average up.