The burp is coming, the burp is coming

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I finally posted a couple of new podcasts yesterday (its been 6 months). They are at my podbean account listed above. They are also available via Zune and Itunes.

There are a number of interesting workout devices that are available this year. From heart rate monitors and blood pressure monitors that connect to your iphone. The time of connectivity is expanding. Now you can be connected all the time from all aspects of what you are doing and where you are. Of course I have argued that increasing connectivity beyond where it is today creates and expands the risk of the Internet having a senior moment (saw an interesting book about senior moments in the store – it scares me that I have been having those since I was 12 years old).

In the end connectivity will drive network activity. This in turn will clog the already clogged arteries of the Internet even further. Of course smart developers will then find ways to move their packets to alternate paths and the overflow will clog those as well. The best analogy for this is from my childhood. I used to love to go to Indiana University Basketball games. They were held at Assembly Hall which is located on the north side of the city. There is one quasi highway that runs north of assembly hall. The rest of the streets are smaller feeder streets. 17,000 fans fill that auditorium every game. The streets were designed to move 2,000 people over the course of an 8 hour day (Bloomington Indiana has a population of about 80,000 people so you can image what clustering nearly 1/4 of one place into one place will do to traffic).

Over the next few years the Internet will be that way as well. Events will drive massive amounts of available bandwidth to certain areas. Governments will begin locking off sections of networks for citizen protection further reducing overall bandwidth. The rubber band only stretches so far before it reaches it capacity and the Internet is the same. When the game is over, 8 times the normal flow of people stream out of Assembly hall. What will happen to the Internet when many more times 8 times the traffic hits one location?

The burp.


#Watford, the shot heard at least around Indiana!11111

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Wind burn. A couple of weeks ago I thought I had poison ivy. In fact I have now realized thanks to WebMD that in fact what I had was wind burn. why? because I have the same problem again, and this time I was able to figure out the correlation. Both times I took a long walk outside with a very cold wind blowing. in the future I will wear my goggles to protect my eyes and nose.

I watched the IU game last night with Kentucky. As a fan I was nervous. I’ve watched the humiliating losses to Big Blue the past few years. Losses that just drove me to well frustration. Last night I saw a team come together. Sure this IU team is better talent wise than what Tom Crean got when he walked in the door, but the heart of the players from that first year makes this a stronger team. So far I’ve seen three games this year and I have enjoyed all three. I would have wished for a little more distance at the end from Kentucky but #Watford and the shot heard around college Bball was enough in the end.

There is a place for doing the right thing and ethics. Thanks Coach Crean!!!!!

Go IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!