The Zune vs IPod debate continued

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Sad to hear Zune’s are going. There is an internet rumor that the Zune hardware is being discontinued. That makes me really sad. I love my Zune HD – it is a great device. In fact I’ve talked over the years about the IPod versus Zune debate. I do in fact own an IPod touch – and I love it for what it is good at. But the Zune HD adds so much to my day that I love it as well.

Overall my comparisons focused on the following (over the years)

More great games needs more games
ITunes is a great application Zune is a great application
Better access to video’s needs better video support
no radio HD FM Radio
Great audible application, needs a better audible book player Great audible player, needs a better audible application.
Music is expensive (the way I listen to it) Music via the Zune Pass is cheap


Now a year ago I felt the IPod was  a better audible player. The Zune has passed it (I am not limited by arcane ITunes rules around audible books). The IPod remains a better and more flexible media player. So if it is true (the rumor) that the Zune is dead that makes me sad.

Overall the two have moved closer and closer (the Zune gaining ground a little overall) but without support going forward the IPod will win hands down (an unsupported media player is a risk).


The Beer Fueled Megaphone

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To beat the crowd, you slide in

and sit at the bar

The wood



rounded edges facing me

as I slide against the wooden embrace

and pull against the

copper foot what is it called?

the foot rail that you rest your feet upon

as the beer flows

and Sportscenter

always Sportscenter

blaring from the speakers

the glad handing and

conversation of

things that should be done

“From a business perspective” the

first voice says

“from an HR perspective” the woman responds

each moment of the conversation

dragging into the bar

and smudging the clean and gleaming surface

there are ten million stories in every city, now naked

but yours

fueled by the beer megaphone

drowns the others out

“What exactly did they think would happen”

and we slide further down the bar

you not seeing the space opened around you

as though you were the opposite of a black hole

pushing away

your beer fueled megaphone blasting us into

like a vocal sand blaster

“what were they thinking?”

we don’t know

and now, we pay our tabs

and we don’t care.


Just another shameless review

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Windows SkyDrive, OneNote and now the IPod Touch

My rule of thumb is the best device for what you need. As such I’ve stated on this blog a number of times that I have an IPod touch for consuming Audible books. I use my Zune for Music, video and podcasts (with a backup copy of most of my Audible books on my Zune). I think the Zune is a much better device for leveraging and playing music and videos. Until today my Windows Phone 7 was also the only device I synced my various OneNote “Notebooks” to. I am a huge user of OneNote from taking notes in meetings to thinking about problems I see.

The advantage of the IPod touch right now is that it has a microphone and camera making it highly useful for taking notes. The Zune of course connects to the Zune pass which makes it a much better music deal for me. But now, you can connect your IPod touch to your SkyDrive using the new OneNote application.

And its free…

Review Part 1:


25 gigs of storage in the cloud. (my first six computers combined didn’t have 25 gigs of storage, in total). You can start off my connecting to your SkyDrive and uploading the things you find you need. I put my library of OneNote Notebooks up so that I could use them on my IPod and on my Windows Phone 7 (it also allows me to share notebooks between 3 computers). The interface is web driven (I suspect Silverlight) and easy to use. I created a new folder and then dragged the OneNote books into that folder. It uploaded them (over 110 meg so it took a bit of time).

I created a second folder for streamed music to the Zune player on my Windows Phone 7.

Review Part 2:

OneNote is an awesome tool that allows you to integrate content (dragging and dropping) form virtually any source. You can then share that Notebook (and set it to auto-update) or keep it on your local machine. You can also update it on SkyDrive and share it between multiple devices. On my Asus Netbook, I can use it as a notepad (the netbook being much smaller) and it functions very nicely. There is also a Windows Phone 7 and a Windows Phone 6.5 version of the application in the Office folder and both work very nicely.

You can also mix in audio recordings with your hand written notes, and convert the handwriting to machine readable text (OCR).

Review Part 3:

The IPod touch version of OneNote connects you right to your windows live id and your SkyDrive. It opens itself and starts searching for Note books right away. It loads them and you can leverage them quickly. The interface on the IPod is not as nice as on the Windows Phone 7, or for that matter on your laptop – but still it was a fun experience!


Now IPods can take notes “in the cloud” Smile