Just kind of Tuesday…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Interesting fact both of my blogs have more than 13,000 unique visitors. I suspect that everyone who reads my blog is unique – but then I guess we are to some degree. More than 79,000 views of my blog so each of the visitors actually comes back more than once.  I wonder if that is a testament to having something to say or that I have simply said everything over and over and different people are reading it (that is not a question that requires an answer).

A few follow-on reviews:

  • I had a chance to show off the Labquest device again – it really resonates with kids and adults. It has to be the easiest measurement device I’ve ever seen. Add to that the ability to connect it to your PC and create controlled measured experiments and it is a great tool. I suspect eventually the device will take off as a data center tool as well. Today it is built as an educational tool but tomorrow it will become a lot more than that. Its cool technology.
  • I was looking at my Active Words cost savings (check out the program it really rocks http://www.activewords.com ) I have save over 100 dollars worth of time this month (and I set my time at $10 an hour – so it is 10 hours of saved time). It’s a very impressive program I just wish I could install it on my work PC. I suspect I would benefit even more if I could.
  • I still love the ihealth Blood Pressure monitor. I check my pressure every day now – its still in the good range (122 over 80). The device is really easy to use although it does have the 30 pin connector so I don’t use my iPhone 5 anymore I use my iPad to capture and measure my pressure.
  • I have a few upcoming reviews of some new technology items – watch for them in the next couple of months!